12-year-old boy starts ‘amazing’ online effort to help Calgary Food Bank

Hayden McMains was busy sorting bags of donations for the Calgary Food Bank on Tuesday.

“Ramon noodles, beans, ‘said the 12-year-old.” There are actually some Mandarin, which is great. “

It was all for a food drive that they organized for the Grade 6 project.

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“My teacher was like, ‘Why don’t you build a website?” McMains said. “And I was like, ‘That’s a good idea.” I’ve created one before, so I’ve created a website. “

To visitors whynothelp.ca Can donate money, which McMains, with the help of his family, uses to buy pre-packaged food donation bags at a nearby supermarket.

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“I am amazed that he can build a website. Today’s kids – that’s great! “Hayden’s mother Lisa McMains said.” We’re really excited to give her back. “

This is an effort that the Calgary Food Bank actually welcomes during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Between March and April of 2021, demand for food bank services increased by 43 percent.

“This is unprecedented for the Calgary Food Bank – we have never seen such a demand.” Said Shavana Ogston of the Food Bank.

He said, ‘Hayden’s help is amazing.

“It is very inspiring to inspire young people to come together to bring a change in the community, but also to inspire others with their passion.”

Turning it into a project McMains will probably remember the way beyond elementary school.

“I’m really learning a lot of things, (like the fact) that 43% of people who can’t afford food are children,” McLain said.

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Why not react to help? Is beyond his biggest dream.

“I’m blown away just because – so far – just within 48 hours – I’m very grateful to everyone who has done this. We’ve got 210 packages of food that’s really crazy for me,” McMains said.

He said he would continue to collect donations as long as people would give him, in a video on his website where he would be heard saying, “You will feel proud and mastery to make a person’s day better.”

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