33,000 Quebec school support workers hold a one-day strike on Tuesday

Some 33,000 union-backed school workers, along with the Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ), will leave the job on Tuesday.

The one-day strike affects 19 French-language school service centers and two English-language school boards in the province.

Members include school daycare services, school secretaries, watchmen, special workers and special education technicians. The union is hoping to pressurize the government to continue negotiations towards a new collective agreement.

The striking workers, however, will not be picketing, according to Eric Pronovost, president of the Fédéroate du personnel de de Sutien Scholair (FPSS-CSQ), a CSQ affiliate.

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The walkout on Tuesday is not intended to delay academic learning of students who are going through a unique year due to the COVID-19 crisis, Pronovost said.

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Pronovost and CSQ chair Sonia Ost Thier plan to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning, with three opposition parties, Marwah Rizky of the Liberal Party (PLQ), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Quebec Solidar (QS) and Veronique Hivon of the National Assembly. There are plans to have a press conference in front. The Party Quebokis (PQ).

Members demanded job security, Pronovost said. Currently, support staff are required to have odd schedules to work alternately between morning, afternoon and evening shifts, Preynov said, while others only get seven to 10 hours a week, rather than the subcontinent. To hire full-time employees, Primov said.

The FPSS-CSQ is warning the Quebec government that if it does not quickly reach a satisfactory agreement with its members, more walkouts may occur. In January, the union won a five-day strike mandate from its members.

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