Alberta reported 1,731 COVID-19 cases, saying “we can see it coming”

Alberta Health on Sunday confirmed 1,731 new COVID-19 cases and three more deaths from the disease.

All of the deaths include comorbidities: a man in his 40s in the south zone, a male in his 60s in the Calgary area and a female in the Calgary zone in the 80s.

The 1,731 new cases included 1,132 types of cases. The total number of active cases is 14,215, which is 62 percent of all active cases.

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Alberta has 22,920 active cases, 169,892 recoveries and 2,086 deaths.

As of Sunday, the Calgary region has 9,556 active cases, 6,088 in the Edmonton zone, 3,308 in the northern zone, 2,677 in the central zone and 1,216 in the south zone. There are 75 cases in unknown areas.

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According to an Alberta government spokesman, Brendan Prock, the new cases have come from 16,567 trials, which means a provincial positivity rate of 10.3 percent.

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Alberta Health said 648 people are in hospital, of which 155 are in intensive care.

The province said that as of May 1, 1,621,306 vaccine doses had been given, with 300,755 Albertans fully immunized.

‘My Heart Just Drowned’

An infectious disease specialist at the University of Alberta, Drs. Linora Saxinger said she looks up to recent record-breaking numbers.

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“We have seen these numbers the most. They are coming at a time when really we should be waiting for things to come under control and we are looking at the opposite, so I would say that my reaction just sank my heart, ”she told Global News on Sunday .

“This is a really difficult, difficult time.”

A father and daughter wearing masks on the bus.

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Saxinger said that evidence from around the world suggests that we need more stringent, tighter and longer-term public health restrictions so that different types of surges can be brought under control. Alberta’s current restrictions are insufficient, she said.

“If you really look at the rate of increase, those restrictions changed the shape of what is really happening. It’s just that it’s really bad right now. This is not enough, and so I think the message is that we have to do all the things and do them very, very anciently, perfectly well, and things will come under control, ”said Saxinger .

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“The experience from elsewhere is really limiting any indoor settings where people approach people is important. If you look at what they did in the UK and if you look at what they did in Ontario, a lot of things that we have allowed with lower numbers are actually stopped.

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Saxinger said the health care system is a complex problem. Staff members are highly specialized and difficult to fill special roles.

He said, “We are still not in its worst state because those very, very high case rates over the next few days, a small fraction of those people will need hospitalization and ICU care every single day, ” He said.

“People sometimes stay in the hospital for a week, two weeks or more, so this is not a system that is actually capable of processing many cases … so people in the health care system take these numbers Looking and feeling very, very worried because we can see it coming and there is nothing we can do about it right now. “

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Procé said health officials continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 “to assess whether additional action is to reduce transmission.”

In an email to Global News, he said, “The health and safety of Albertans is our top priority.”

“We must do everything we can to avoid the cancellation of surgery and other medical care.”

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