‘As soon as it’s your turn, get your shots’: PM wants to address vaccine concerns

OTTAWA – Addressing responses from frustrated medical professionals who have expressed concern over an impressive national panel of Canadian recent COVID-19 vaccine advice, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday sought to clarify the federal government’s position: every The vaccine is authorized safe.

“All vaccines in Canada have been approved by Health Canada. Trudeau said during his national address that our advice to the provinces and territories and to the people of Canada has not changed. “Get your shot as soon as your turn comes.”

This comes after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) came to light accusing it of contributing to confusion and suspicion about COVID-19 vaccines, as mRNA vaccines are the “favorite” for viral vector doses. Are, and that Canadians must weigh the risk that they decide who to receive.

The volunteer panel NACI is arms-length from the federal government and provides guidance on how vaccines should be used in Canada.

It has also suggested that people who are concerned about the rare risk of blood clots associated with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson shots may opt to “wait” until they receive Pfizer or the modern vaccine. Can.

This perspective stands in contrast to sending a broader message from various levels of government and public health officials, the first vaccine provided to you, and condemned the NACI’s guidance as “extremely harmful”.

Chief Public Health Officer Drs. Theresa Tam also vowed on Tuesday, saying that anyone receiving a Canadian health-clear vaccine should be convinced as they are all shown to be effective. However, she said, people should still make their personal decisions based on their personal risk calculations.

“I think it is difficult for people to develop science and develop data. It has been so difficult for so many people during this pandemic, ”he said, offering rolling guidance on the latest evidence on the efficacy and risks of potential adverse effects that are important to helping NACI ensure that Canadian vaccinations Can make informed decisions about.

Call to warn

The latest guidance from NACI is not the first time the panel has issued an advisory that has led to confusion. Previous examples have been attributed to the work of the NACI which is a “complementary, not a mirror” of the official Health Canada authorities.

“As a regulator, Health Canada authorizes each vaccine for use in Canada according to factors based on clinical trial evidence, while NACI provides available and developed evidence in a real-world context, including the availability of other vaccines. Gives his guidance, “Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Drs. Howard Nju said in early March.

Trudeau faced further questions about the ongoing inconsistency regarding the status of Health Canada for the four COVID-19 vaccines the agency has authorized for use – all of them safe, effective and for any adult. Can be offered for – and those who constantly run NACI thinks the shots should be given.

In response, Trudeau said the federal government’s priority is ensuring that anyone who wants it can get their shot as soon as they are eligible. “It’s a good thing that we get to hear from a wide range of recommendations by medical experts and doctors to keep us safe. The bottom line is, we all need to be vaccinated as soon as possible so that we To come back. ” In general, ”he said.

Federal Health Minister Patty Hazdu answered questions about which Canadians were hearing on Monday, suggesting they talk to their doctors about getting vaccinated, Conservative MP and health critic Michelle Rempel Garner called the federal Asked the government to step up.

“Commentators need clear, concise, and constant communication when it comes to the use of the vaccine. Conservatives have been calling for it for weeks. The health minister has had the money stopped. He needs to fix this problem of his creation immediately.” Should be. Lives are at stake, “she said in a statement ahead of Trudeau’s address.

Prime Minister Your Excellency Austria

Trudeau was with the Canadians, who were recently offered the AstraZeneca vaccine. Asked what they would say to the approximately 1.7 million Canadians who have taken this vaccine, but are now hearing from some medical voices that they are considered less superior, Trudeau said he is “very happy” he gave up his Shot received.

“I am very happy that I received the AstraZeneca vaccine several weeks ago. It was very important for me to be able to protect my loved ones, protect my family and do it on my behalf to ensure all Canadians.

“The effects of capturing COVID are more and more deadly across the country as compared to the potential side effects that we have seen across the country, which are rare,” Trudeau said.

Viral vector-based AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson supplements have been linked to an extremely rare and potentially life-threatening blood-clotting syndrome called vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VIHT). The risk of developing this syndrome is estimated to be anywhere from one case in 100,000 to one case in 250,000.

Asked what his advice would be to Canadians, who might be wondering whether to complete the full dual-dose vaccination with two shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine – and pending the arrival of higher doses – or whether they should receive the vaccines and Should get the second shot? According to an mRNA vaccine, she said that it is currently being evaluated by NACI and that federal authorities have time to get their second shots to those people.

“Look at this place,” Tam said.

With files from CTV News’ Jackie Dunham.


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