City of Winnipeg Summer Bike Program to begin on Monday

Formerly known as Open Streets, the city’s enhancement summer bike program is set to return to the streets of Winnipeg on Monday.

Thirteen new roads are being added and hours are being extended for the new roads and four existing Sunday / holiday bike routes to the city.

New routes include:

  • Lindell Drive – Cromwell St. to Gowin St.
  • Wellington Cress – Academy Rd to Gulf St
  • Volsale Ave – Raglan Rd to Maryland St
  • Churchill Drive between Hay Street and Jubilee Avenue
  • Egerton Road between Bank Avenue and Morier Avenue
  • Kildonan Drive between Halesdale Avenue and Irving Place
  • Kilkenny Drive between Kilkenny Drive and Patricia Avenue between Burgess Avenue and Kings Drive / Kings Drive
  • Alexander Avenue – Arlington Street to Princes Street
  • Ravelston Avenue – Wayota to Brewster Street
  • Linwood Street – Portage Avenue to Silver Avenue
  • Harbison Avenue West – Henderson Highway to East Terminus
  • Rose Lake Court around Rose Lake Green
  • Youville Street – Eugenie Street to Haig Avenue

Roads will be open from seven in the morning to nine in the week.

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Roads from 7am to 9pm only on weekends and holidays include:

  • Rover Avenue between Hallett Street and Stephens Street
  • Scotia Street – Armstrong Avenue to Anderson Avenue
  • Assiniboine Avenue – Ferry Road to Parkery Drive
  • Wellington Avenue – Maryland Street to Strathcona Street

The route is all used only by cyclists and motor vehicle traffic will be limited to one block, including Lyndale Drive between Lawndale Avenue and Highfield Street. Residents of the block are allowed to use the route to access their properties.

Pedestrians are also not allowed to be on the road when a reasonably nearby footpath is present.

After implementation begins Monday, routes are not “open” for cyclists until proper signage and barricades are put in place by city staff.

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