Coronavirus update: Paralympian Kamille Frenet ready to lend a hand with Canada’s vaccination efforts

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  1. Kamylle Frenette is training for the biggest competition of her life – this summer’s Tokyo Paralympics. And, she is also undergoing training to become a pharmacist and certified vaccinator to help Canada’s vaccination efforts.
  2. A dose of hope: Provinces and territories are set to dramatically increase the speed and scale of their vaccination campaigns over the next two months
  3. Canadian real estate has defied expectations during the epidemic. Nevertheless, we should be careful to call it a “bubble”

In the last 7 days, 53,472 is Cases have been registered, Down 7 percent For the past 7 days. Were there 335. is Declaration of deaths, Below 2 percent At the same time. at least Is 4,006 People are being treated in hospitals and Is 1,126,143 Others are believed to be recovered.

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Canada’s vaccination rate is 14th In 84 countries with a population of one million or more people.

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Source: Canada data compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; The international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus annotator: Coronavirus in maps and charts

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Revilers take part in Britain’s first concert since the onset of the epidemic. The incident at Sefton Park, Liverpool, England, is exempt from coronovirus restriction in an attempt to study possible coronavirus prevalence. The live concert is part of the National Events Research Program and allows festival goers not to wear face coverings or observe physical disturbances, while officials research the effects of coronaviruses on the event.

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Coronavirus in canada

  • Ontario Expanding its vaccine efforts to more qualified residents, the province announced Sunday as it made good on its promise to ramp up efforts in hot spot areas. Meanwhile, workplaces in the province are still waiting for answers at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic. And, a 322-page report from Ontario’s Long-Term Care Commission found that Ontario failed to learn a lesson from the SARS epidemic in 2003, which left it unprepared for this epidemic.
  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenny’s government is suspending the legislature’s sitting spring due to the growing breaking, record-breaking caseloads of COVID-19. And, the province’s health authority issued a “last resort” emergency triage protocol intended for the bleak scenario that the health care system is overwhelmed.
  • In British Columbia, The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, which was once at high risk for an outbreak of coronovirus, has reached herd immunity.
  • Quebec Montreal and Quebec plans to ease some restrictions in the city as the daily case is stable at more than 1,000. And, in a protest in Montreal on Saturday, thousands marched against COVID-19 public-health measures, which they called excessive and inappropriate.
  • Atlantic Canadian The rules for strict travel and self-isolation are under increasing scrutiny as the region grapples with the third wave.

In Ottawa, After months of supply disruptions, the latest numbers from the federal government show that by the first week of June, enough vaccine doses are expected to reach Canada for all eligible Canadians to cover the first shots.

  • The federal government says that by the end of September, Canada will have received at least 100 million doses. Based on that, The Globe and Mail estimates that by the end of July, the country should receive a sufficient dose for all eligible people to be fully vaccinated.
  • So far, Health Canada has only approved vaccines for people 16 and older, meaning 31.6 million people are eligible.

Canadian Young Patient: Now with variants of COVID-19 spreading more easily, more people are becoming infected, and there are increasingly serious consequences for younger demographics.

The parties faced legal rebuttal: Legal experts are debating whether a person who was a member of a larger party in his condo could be charged with murder after disobeying provincial health orders after a person was sentenced to BC.

Coronavirus worldwide

  • Shipment of Strict Medical Supplies Shipped India As the country ends an incredible, frightening second wave of coronovirus infection. And, the country’s prime minister failed to make a profit in the recent four state elections, indicating that his party’s political strength could slip amid the epidemic.

Coronavirus and Business

Be careful by calling it a real estate “bubble”. Has Canadian real estate prices risen at an uncertain pace in recent months? Absolutely. Are elevated prices weakening the economy for future threats? sure.

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  • A year ago, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp warned that COVID-19 could result in house prices falling by 18 percent Ubiquitous epidemic.
  • Nevertheless, the average selling price on the Canadian Real Estate Association’s listing system rose 31.6 percent compared to the same month in March.

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Globe opinion

  • Elizabeth Renzetti: COVID has wreaked havoc on Canadian nurses. But the epidemic gives a chance to fix the broken system
  • Sheryl Spiethoff and Tara Kiran: The dark side of Canada’s shift to corporate-driven health care

Over reporting

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Sources: Canada data are compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; The international data are from Johns Hopkins.

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