Coronavirus update: small percentage of Canadians contracted COVID-19 after first dose, data show

Evening, Here are the coronovirus updates you will need to know tonight.

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  1. According to data from the Public Health Agency of Canada, only a small percentage of Canadians who received their first vaccine dose developed COVID-19 two weeks later.
  2. Instead of making any immediate plans to donate vaccines to needy countries, Canada is considering a plan to postpone some deliveries for their future use.
  3. Should employees expect a permanent shift to remote work?

In the last 7 days, Is 55,325 Cases have been registered, Below 1 percent For the past 7 days. Were there 326 Declaration of deaths, Down 7 percent At the same time. at least Is 3,984 People are being treated in hospitals and Is 1,134,359 Others are believed to be recovered.

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Canada’s vaccination rate is 12th In 84 countries with a population of one million or more people.

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Source: Canada data compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; The international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus annotator: Coronavirus in maps and charts

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People wait for a city bus in Toronto that Ontario has designated a Coved-19 hotspot, on Monday May 3, 2021.

Nathan Dennett / Canadian Press

Coronavirus in canada

  • Of Ontario The long-term care minister said the province would adopt a number of recommendations made last week that looked at the impact of COVID-19 on long-term care. Meanwhile, the province expanded the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to cover the province’s hot spots.
  • In British Columbia, UBC researchers were the first to publish structural images of the type B.1.1.7 mutation – the change is thought to be partially responsible for the rapid spread of the first identified variant in the United Kingdom.
  • Held in a rodeo Alberta Protests against COVID-19 restrictions drew thousands of people together over the weekend as the province broke several daily records for new infections.

In Ottawa, More than 5,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 after flying back to Canada since the mandatory quarantine hotel started in late February.

  • This includes 3,748 people who, despite showing a negative COVID-19 test, tested positive the day they returned and did not take more than three days until they boarded their aircraft.
  • Forty percent of those people were infected with one of three forms of anxiety, which Canada is tracking.
  • Another 1,411 people tested positive on the need for testing 10 days after withdrawal after testing.

Kovid 19 Vaccines: Only a small percentage of the millions of Canadians who received their first vaccine dose to develop CODID-19, the data show, are seriously ill or have died – evidence of the benefits of the drooling says the Public Health Agency of Canada The first dose is over quickly.

Johnson & Johnson for ages over 30: The Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be limited to people over the age of 30, the National Advisory Committee said vaccination.

Coronavirus worldwide

  • America The biotech company Modern will deliver up to 500 million doses to the UN-backed COVAX program.
  • Health care workers in Japan There are voices of frustration and anger at the request of Tokyo Olympic organizers to send 500 nurses to help with the Games.
  • As Of India COVID-19 is in the second wave crushing the transition, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi facing harsh criticism.
  • European Union Is considering a proposal that would allow full-fledged foreign nationals and those vaccinated with “good epidemiological status” in a bid to promote tourism.

Coronavirus and Business

The epidemic has prompted urban people to leave the city expensive for leafy suburbs and small towns due to the work-from-home revolution this year. But will it work?

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  • As vaccination brings Canada closer to the end of the epidemic, some economists and urbanites suspect the trend will be permanent.
  • Experts say we have already reached the high-water mark of remote work and some snap-backs are unavoidable, as offices reopen and people miss the benefits of urban life.

today also: The Canadian dollar was near its strongest level in three years in the form of optimism about the global economic recovery, which affected investor sentiments.

And: April home sales in Calgary set a new record, with 3,209 homes sold in the city, compared to 571 during the same month last year.

Globe opinion

  • David Parkinson: Economic “flexibility” is another way of saying that we are not following sanctions
  • Merge Gupta-Sundarji: Things will not “return to normal”, but we can embrace the new normal
  • David Pyroz, Rosemary Ricciardelli, Sandra Busserius: Gels and gels remain hot for COVID-19. Vaccinate people living or working in them
  • Editorial Board: This is the month when Canada breaks the back of the epidemic
  • Andre Picard: Long-term care fixing in Ontario is looking increasingly disheartening
  • First person: My 95-year-old nono taught me a lot about how to live, even in our last week

Over reporting

  • The fireworks festival was canceled for the second straight year in Vancouver due to an epidemic
  • Some restaurants in Canada are voluntarily shutting down for the safety of employees during the third wave of COVID-19

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Sources: Canada data are compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; The international data are from Johns Hopkins.

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