Erin O’Toole calls Trudeau to shoot at Telford to deal with allegations of sexual misconduct

Conservative leader Erin O’Toyle wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to warn his Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, how three years ago the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) accused him of sexual misconduct with the former head of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr O Toll said in a statement on Monday that former Canadian defense officer Jonathan Vance was shocked to learn of sexual misconduct allegations against the chief and that there was no accountability from the Liberal government.

“If the Prime Minister is telling the truth, and he wants Canadians to believe that they had no knowledge of the evidence of sexual misconduct against General Vance, they would fire their chief of staff,” Mr Otol said .

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Mr. O’Toole also said that if the Prime Minister does not remove Ms. Telford that it would amount to an “admission” that he is lying about his knowledge of sexual misconduct allegations against General Vance, and He is caught in this cover-up. “

The Liberal government has faced months of pressure who knew what happened when and about the three-year-old accusation of sexual misconduct against Mr. Vance. Mr. Trudeau has said that he was not aware of the specifics of the allegations related to Mr. Vance until a news report this year. Mr Vance denied any wrongdoing in an interview with Global News earlier this year, but made no comment otherwise.

The PMO did not immediately respond to a request to respond to Mr O’Toole on Monday.

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan, Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Telford have been criticized by opposition parties for dealing with the 2018 charge. Two parliamentary committees have been studying the issue of sexual trauma in the military over the past few weeks, including the Defense Committee, with a focus on Mr. Vance.

On Friday, the House of Commons National Defense Committee discussed a conservative proposal, which blocks Quebokis and NDP support, to invite Ms. Tefford to testify.

During the meeting, Liberal MPs emphasized the idea and said the committee should go ahead and prepare a report on sexual misconduct in the military. When the meeting ended, the committee had to vote on whether she would hear from Ms. Telford.

Conservative MP James Bezan, who introduced the proposer, said it was necessary that the committee hear from Mr. Telford after the testimony of Elder Maricus, Mr. Trudeau’s former senior adviser.

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Mr. Markis recently told the committee that Ms. Telford was aware of an allegation against Mr. Vance, which was first brought to the attention of Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Mr. Bejan said on Friday that Ms. Telford needed to explain that she had given information to the Prime Minister and if not, why not. Mr. Trudeau has said that he was not aware of the charge against Mr. Vance and the details were revealed in news reports earlier this year.

The federal government announced on Thursday that it appointed former Supreme Court Judge Lewis Arbor to investigate sexual harassment and misconduct in the military, which could establish an independent reporting system for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr. Sajjan said Ms. Arbor would conduct an independent review, which would provide recommendations to the Department of Military and National Defense on creating such a system for people affected by sexual misconduct.

The minister also apologized to members of the Forces and those in the National Defense Department who are affected by sexual harassment and violence and who felt they did not have enough support.

“I’m really sorry,” he said. “We know that we must transform the culture of the defense team into an honor and respect and we need to put an external reporting system outside the chain of command to start rebuilding trust.

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The latest review would follow one from six years ago, when another former Supreme Court judge, Mary Deschamps, recommended an independent center of accountability for sexual harassment and harassment outside the Forces.

It was also announced on Thursday that Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, acting chief of defense staff, and Deputy Minister of Defense Jody Thomas would form a new internal organization led by Lieutenant-General Jenny Carigan. She will be the head of professional conduct and culture. The DND said that it will ensure that immediate steps are taken to take action on whatever interim recommendations have been made.

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