Homeless camp remains in Montreal’s eastern end despite eviction notice

The main fence of the closure of Hochlega Street in the eastern end of Montreal was closed by vehicles on Monday morning.

The homeless community that has been called a green space home for the past few weeks is refusing to leave after receiving an eviction notice Sunday from property owner Transports Québec.

According to an inspection conducted by Montreal firefighters over the weekend, the site was considered unsafe and a potential risk to the fire.

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Hot weather brings homeless camps back to Montreal neighborhood

A group of 50 young protesters showed their support and solidarity with the group of residents on Monday morning, playing music and lighting Bond fires.

“If we leave from here, we will find another place to camp,” said a spokesman for Gailen Livasseur.

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“Montreal has very good places. They are displacing us. “

Police officials are yet to intervene, but have made their presence known in the camp.

“We are giving them time to move forward on their own using a softer approach,” said spokeswoman Jean-Pierre Brabant.

The city of Montreal says it sympathizes with the community but insists that they can no longer be on private property.

The city adds that many beds have been provided in nearby shelters.

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