If new restrictions are not implemented soon, Winnipeg doctors will be ‘shocked’

Doctors at the Winnipeg ICU, who warned of a third wave of Manitoba in March, are hoping to climb into coronovirus cases, saying another lockdown is the best way to stop the trend.

Infectious disease specialist and critical care specialist Drs. Anand Kumar said that hospitals are bringing another boom.

“From the ICU and from the hospital point of view, I think things are going to get very bad in the next few weeks,” Kumar said.

Looking at Manitoba’s final wave, Kumar sees history repeating itself.

“We went in, I think, a week or two after the system broke when we raise about 400 cases a day,” he said. “We’ve been around 300 for the last few days.”

Last week, the Manitoba government tightened restrictions, including a ban on both indoor and outdoor travel between homes, rising daily case counts and a significant increase in the spread of more-contagious forms of anxiety.

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Kumar does not think the current public health orders will be sufficient to protect hospitals.

A ban similar to last spring or lockdown, Kumar believes, with the vaccine speeding up is the province’s best option at this point.

Kumar said, “I would be very surprised if we don’t move to another level of restriction within a week or two.”

Alberta’s increasing cases and hospital capacity, infectious disease specialist Drs. In an interview about Linora Saxinger, data from around the world suggest that strict public order can succeed.

“There is evidence that you need more stringent, stricter, and longer-term public health restrictions to change control,” Saxinger said.

Kumar agrees with countries with a view, such as Australia, but also with Atlantic provinces.

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“They use the approach of maximum repression,” Kumar said. “They try to push the numbers down as far as they can and keep them down.”

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Kumar believes that Manitoba should be shut down until the average of daily affairs is 20 or less.

“If you can reduce it to 20 a day, you can lift broader restrictions and use local measures, and by local measures I mean contact tracing, case segregation, localized contacts,” he said .

“We are essentially using what I consider to be an endless rollercoaster of half measures.”

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