Interim mobile CT scanner installed at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsey; New model launched in June

Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsey says CT imaging services may continue with the advent of mobile CT scanners as work continues to replace the current scanners.

The hospital’s current CT scanner is now a decade old and has reached the end of its useful lifetime, the hospital said. The new CT scanner will be delivered to the hospital on June 7, followed by staff training and installation, which is expected to run through the end of June.

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In the interim, a rented mobile scanner, which arrived at the hospital on Tuesday, will ensure CT imaging services for emergencies and inpatients, while the current scanner is disassembled, removed and replaced.

The mobile CT scanner – inside a transport truck – is located at the Kent Street entrance, close to the clinical imaging department. Some parking will be displaced for the location of the trailer, however, traffic will be able to pass easily.

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Ross Memorial Hospital conducts approximately 12,000 exams every year using its CT scanner.

The new arrival of Ross Memorial Hospital occurred on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, at the mobile CT scanner, near the Kent Street entrance, near the clinical imaging department.

Ross Memorial Hospital photo

“The CT scanner is one of our most important pieces of hospital equipment and provides life-saving support day and night to the emergency department,” Dr. Mario Voros, Head of Radiology.

“CT imaging helps us confidently diagnose stroke, trauma, bleeding – it is an integral tool for a hospital with an emergency department. We rely on its availability 24/7. CT is the best tool for vascular studies to identify peripheral vascular disease by tracking blood flow and detecting blood clots from a patient’s stomach to the foot. “

The hospital notes that the cost of the new CT scanner is not government funded. Donations are being accepted through the Ros Memorial Hospital Foundation, which has committed to raise funds to cover the $ 1.5 million cost of the new CT scanner and the CT department is in need of renovation.

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Currently, “letters are being distributed across the city of Kawartha Lakes to encourage donations to be made”Partner in Precision Care Appeal, “which is helping to fund the new CT scanner. People can also give online

“The Ross Memorial is committed to providing exceptional care to our community, and a CT scanner plays an important role in that care,” said Kelly Isifan, president and CEO of the hospital.

“Our staff and physicians use it every day to diagnose illness and injury, as well as guide surgery and cancer treatment. We are excited to take another step forward in the process of upgrading our CT scanners so that we continue to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and the community. “

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