Justin Trudeau says that leaders of all parties need to better support survivors of the attack

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hears speakers appearing by video during a news conference in Ottawa on 4 May 2021.

Adrian Wilde / The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he believes that his own Liberal MPs and politicians of all parties need to do better to create safe spaces for victims of sexual assault and harassment when they are accompanied by parliamentary committees You are invited to share the experience.

His remarks say survivors and advocates after sexual violence were treated rudely and, in some cases, when they testified in committees, where lawmakers were more concerned with partisan jokes than listening with compassion Appeared

Trudeau says he believes it is important for “everyone” to work with the victims and the people who work with them.

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When asked if they believe that strict procedural rules governing parliament need reforms, when it comes to dealing with weak witnesses, Trudeau will only say that he believes that all institutions, Both public and private, should do better to create a more supportive environment for victims.

Several commons committees have invited survivors of sexual harassment, exploitation and trauma to share their experiences and recommendations, including the position of women and national defense committees, each looking into allegations of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces Huh.

Trudeau says he is confident that his caucus and MPs from all parties want to provide better support to share their experiences.

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