Kenny of Alberta suspended house

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s government is suspending the legislature’s sitting spring due to rising, record-breaking caseloads of COVID-19.

Opposition NDP leader Rachel Notley said Kenny had relinquished his post, frustrating the Albertans, and allowing others to work at personal risk on the front lines while leaving incompletely important legislative work such as leaving sick paused leave Gave permission.

He is a coward, “told reporters on Sunday” just hours after Kelly’s government announced the suspension in a statement.

“This premier has locked people out of their own legislature at a time when they are potentially looking much further than that building, and the people running the government inside it, for leadership.”

Government House leader Jason Nixon said in a news release, the two-week standstill is to prevent further spread of the novel Coronoires.

He stated that this is not due to any confirmed COVID cases among legislature members or staff.

Nixon said, “As COVID-19 continues to expand in Alberta, the government has decided that legislators are returning from Edmonton to the entire province after the admissions.”

“It is the right thing to postpone proceedings if the number of cases increases.”

Nolley insisted that his caucus was informed of the decision but did not agree with it.

He said the suspension has nothing to do with public safety, but Kanei has seen him avoid accountability over the COVID crisis, while competing with a fragmented caucus that saw nearly half of his United Conservative backbench’s public health The rules have been publicly criticized as unnecessary violations of personal liberty.

Notley said that Alberts should not care about Kenny’s internal political quarrels. He also said that shutting down the legislature so politicians can stay safe can send a cruel message to those who cannot stay at home, including restaurant patio servers, retail workers, and teachers and students in schools.

“He is not thinking of any of those Alberts today. He is thinking about himself and not coming in handy. “

“He is running from responsibility and clearly running away from his caucus.”

Kenny’s cabinet will continue to meet virtually and legislative committees will also continue, in which members will participate remotely.

The temporary withdrawal date is May 17, and Nixon said the house may rejoin first if an emergency arises.

Notley was asked: What would be a bigger emergency than the current COVID crisis?

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he replied.

“There are many logical inconsistencies in the logic behind it – and this happens when you use an explanation that you are doing for completely different reasons.

“It’s about politics and it’s a complete failure of Jason Kenny to lead through this time.”

The decision comes as Alberta’s hospital system becomes inundated with a storm of patients over the next few weeks, as daily COVID-19 counts topped 1,000 points for nearly a month.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Alberta has logged more than 2,000 infections a day.

The daily count dropped to 1,731 on Sunday, with new diagnoses and three deaths.

But the hospitals reached 648 in intensive care for 155 COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals in Edmonton and Calgary have resumed non-urgent surgeries to handle epidemic-related flooding.

On Friday, physicians in Alberta were briefed on a triage protocol that COVID status should ever reach that sinking point.

The 50-page document states that the plan will focus on resources with the “greatest potential for survival”, while the amount of resources required for that survival and how long those resources will be needed will be considered.

This would be a group call, which would put a heavy moral burden on the practitioners of personal life. The patient’s family members will have no say.

For the past 14 months, Kenai has imposed health restrictions on public ceremonies and businesses, trying to save people’s lives and maintain people’s livelihoods.

He was criticized for waiting a long time to bring in new rules during the second wave on Christmas and now faces similar criticism during the third.

Kenny rejected the new restrictions on Monday, saying people would not have to follow them anyway, but introduced new rules on Thursday at the so-called COVID-19 hot spot. He said that measures were important for bending the curve.

Kenny rejected the criticism, following an inconsistent, confusing policy, rather than calling it an agile, flexible answer.

Kenny’s government has also been criticized for failing to enforce public health regulations, specifically allowing the packed congregation to meet for months at Gresliffe Church near Edmonton before it was closed in early April.

Kenny has said that his government has not said how the health regulations are enforced.

This weekend, hundreds of people marched to “No More Lockdown” without a mask, with the province’s complete disregard of health regulations and a push from the authorities to the ground.

Alberta currently does not allow indoor social gatherings and outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people. Stores are increasingly open at low capacity and restaurants can keep their courtyards open.

On Thursday, Kenny announced new rules for the high-case zone – covering most urban areas in Alberta – to shutter gyms and send home grades 7-12 students who were not already learning.

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