Liberal MP dropped F-bomb amid opposition questions about Defense Committee repeal

In response to questions from the opposition, canceling an important meeting of the Liberal Committee on Monday, the leader of the government house gave some decidedly unnatural language.

Conservatives were calling on Liberal MP and Defense Committee Chairman Karen McCrimmon to cancel a meeting on Monday, on which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chief Katie Telford is expected to begin a debate on a Conservative proposal to testify again was.

The committee is investigating sexual misconduct in the military in 2018 to deal with an allegation against the army and former defense chief General Jonathan Vance. The committee recently learned that Talord was kept in the loop regarding the allegation.

But minutes before the meeting began – and barely an hour after Leader of the Opposition Erin O’Toole called Trudeau to shoot at Telford – the meeting was canceled, without any reason.

Following the question hour in the House of Commons on Monday, Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Huss demanded to know why McCrimmon canceled the meeting.

“This is another shameful attempt by liberals to cover up for the Prime Minister’s inaction on sexual misconduct in forces,” he said.

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan starts replying to Paul-Hass, but a man’s voice is cut off.

“Ah f-k, where did you say to the gentleman?”

In another example of the dangers of video conferencing, Government House Leader Pablo Rodríguez claimed responsibility for the insult as unacceptable and apologetic.

In a statement emailed earlier on Monday, McCrimmon said the defense committee would meet again later this week, but gave no reason to cancel Monday.

“The National Defense Committee is doing important work on the issue of sexual misconduct in the army. This is an issue that has been a concern in the Canadian Armed Forces for many, many years. Action is needed, ”she said.

“And so the committee is working hard to develop recommendations for the government.”

Last-minute cancellations were exploded by the opposition.

Conservative defense reviewer and committee member James said “Karen McCrimmon) canceled today’s defense committee meeting.” Bejan tweeted. “(Armed Forces of Canada) Liberal Coverup in Sexual Misconduct Continues.”

Liberals spoke out on the clock on Friday, preventing the Conservatives’ proposal – supported by the NDP and the Blank Québokis – from coming to a vote.

Friday’s meeting is being suspended at the request of opposition lawmakers, who clarified that they wanted to resume debate on the proposal at a previously scheduled Monday morning meeting to consider draft reports from unrelated committee studies Was determined to be.

The committee was told last month by Elder Markes, an advisor to the former Senior Prime Minister’s Office, that Telford was kept in the loop in 2018 to deal with an allegation against Vance.

Trudeau said last week that his office did not know the details of the allegations at the time, or that they were dealing with the “MeToo” complaint. The opposition has pointed to an email included in the committee between civil servants and the PMO discussing allegations of “sexual harassment”.

Trudeau previously stated that he only knew of the existence of the charge this year, and has defended his chief of staff as “an exceptionally strong leader” on the file of sexual misconduct in the military.

“The time has come for Trudeau to conceal the truth from Canadians and to take action within his own office, who took action on this coverup,” O’Troyle told reporters on Monday.

It is publicly known that on March 1, 2018, ex-Lokpal Gary Walburn tried to make an allegation against Vance in a private meeting with Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan, who refused to look into the evidence, stating that a As a politician, he can not join the investigation.

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Walburn has said that he alleged sexual misconduct in the meeting, while Sajjan has said that the former Lokpal has not given details.

The case was referred to the Privy Council office – the bureaucracy of the Prime Minister’s Office – but civil servants said they were unable to take any action as Walburn refused to provide any information regarding the charge, as the complainant Did not allow them to do so.

Vance held the top job until his retirement earlier this year, at one point, Trudeau signed on.


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