Marine women thankfully encourage journalism to help deal with epidemic stress

The two Marine women are encouraging those who are feeling tense amid the epidemic to consider starting a gratitude journal.

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Every morning without fail, Shelley Butler of Riverview, N.B., said that she reminds herself of what she is grateful for and then writes it in her magazine,

“People say to me, ‘What do you write? I don’t know what to write.’ So, I start my day, ‘It’s beautiful, it’s sunny, it’s probably raining,’ and I put the date Give, ” said Butler.

Butler said that keeping an epidemic journal in the midst of the epidemic helped him maintain a positive mindset.

“What a magazine can give you is a release of that negative bias where we focus on all the bad things that happened that week and it can give you clarity on all the nuggets that actually accompany you every day Happen, ”she said.

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Across the border in Greenhill, NS, Michelle Jeans said she is keeping a similar journal and encouraging anyone who is struggling with epidemic stress to do so.

“Watching all the news, all the affairs and all the doom and gloom, it’s just so heavy,” she said.

To write what you are thankful for, women say that when the soul starts going to dark places, it helps to lift the spirits.

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“If I’m confronted with a negative, I’ll be able to flip the script and find a silver lining,” Jeans said.

Butler said that amid growing cases, counts and lost lives, it can be difficult to find good in the world.

“We really have to train our minds to focus on that wonderful thing and celebrate it over and over again,” she said.

Butler said she helps reduce stress every morning and republished her journals when she feels she needs a flock of positivity. She says, even in times of epidemics, her journals serve as a reminder that the world still has a lot to be thankful for.

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