Mike Weir Wins First PGA Tour Champions at Inspiritual Invitational

Former Masters champion Mike Wear won his first PGA Tour Champions event on Sunday, when he held the Strokes with the Stars for 4-under 68 and John Daly made the last mistake at the Inspirit Invitational.

Wear and Daly were tied up due to a stretch in the woodlands, which was reduced to 36 holes due to heavy rains that occurred earlier in the week.

Dare, playing in the group ahead of Wear, was putting his 18th from the top of the water into the 18th green, when it came a small part and split next to the bulkhead. He scored a double bogey for 69 and had to settle for runner-up.

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Weir, who missed a 10-foot chance on the 16th and 17th holes, saw it all and knew what he had to do. He made his stance about 15 feet behind the hole and pumped his fist as he walked towards Hari. He won by two shots.

“JD played great. It was unfortunate for him, ”said Veer. “It means a lot. I played really well today. I’m still a bit off with my insert. I pushed myself hard. But I hit the shots I needed. it feels great. “

Due to rain that was knocked out of the opening round on Friday, the first round was not over until Sunday morning and the tournament was reduced to 36 holes. It turned into a shootout, and Daly and Weir provided most of the action.

Daly placed a 25-foot eagle put on par-53rd to take a two-shot lead, and looked as if he was on his way. In the next group, in the 13th match, Veer hit 3 feet for a matching eagle to tie his leg again for an edge.

On the 14th day the bogey came back with a bogey, but he caught a break when Daly missed his 3-wood in the 5-15th and had to equalize, and Wear made birdie to catch him again.

Daly could not believe that he had been hit in the water at the last hole.

“I caught a thrust at the age of 18,” he said. “I hit a 9-iron out of about 155 and I hit a 9-iron out of 141 and I caught a thrust and just got a bad break. But I can’t hit the ball any better. I am excited for next week. “

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The 50 and Over Circuit region plays the first of its five majors next week in tradition.

The Wear finished at 10-under 134.

Daly finished second with David Toms and Tim Petrovic, finishing third with 71. Bernhard Langer (69) and Bob Estes (68).


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