Moose Jaw, Sask., Fundraising church to replace old boiler

The House of a Moose Jaw, Sask., Is reaching out for support to help maintain the church heritage building built over a century ago.

It was determined that Zion United Church at 423 Main St. North needed a new boiler and the replacement would cost at least six figures.

Former Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert is chairing the committee to raise money for the boiler space.

“We need… new machinery, new boilers to buy and install it,” Calvert said.

“As with many of these old boilers, there is a certain amount of asbestos on the pipes around the water that all have to be removed. So the estimate we get from the professionals is for $ 100,000.

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Calvert said that he served as minister of the Zion Church years ago and many people have seen the acoustics inside it.

“Over the years there have been thousands and thousands of people who have sat on the seat of Zion Church for music festivals, band festivals, concerts and carol festivities,” he said.

“Thousands of people who have experienced that beautiful sanctuary and its amazing acoustics and who want to help preserve this historic building.

“Of course, the congregation is stepping into the plate on its own, although the congregation is younger now and it is older and we will need the support of the wider community.”

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According to Calvert, the deadline to hit the fundraising goal has been set for Thanksgiving.

“In Saskatchewan, we may end up with snow in September. So we have set Thanksgiving as our fundraising goal and this will also be the time when we will need to install the new boiler, ”he said.

“This is Saskatchewan. A heat source, boiler or a furnace is not optional and so is the unfortunate reality. If we are unable to replace the boiler, we will have a derelict building… It would be sad to lose this heritage property.

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“We just invite support for this project whether gifts are small or large, every one of them will be appreciated and every gift will help preserve this part of our community.”

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Calvert said that they would be looking at any legacy money or renewal funds being available through different levels of government.

“The easiest way, perhaps, is the GoFundMe page … a direct contribution to the church or call the church office for 423 Main Street North directly in Mossy Jaw and would be happy to receive donations of any kind,” Calvert said.

According to the city’s website, the Zion Church is a municipal heritage property that originally finished construction in 1907.

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