Morning update: Relatively few COVID-19 cases were reported after receiving the first vaccine dose, data show

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Only a small percentage of the millions of Canadians who received their first vaccine dose to develop CODID-19, data show, and a small portion of that total also fell seriously ill or died. About 2,300 Canadians have contracted the virus more than two weeks after receiving their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The new data serves as a reminder that the first dose does not provide foolproof protection against the severe consequences of COVID-19, which helps explain why public-health officials have urged Canadians to wait until they Do not receive a second injection.

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During this, Ottawa is considering a plan to postpone some deliveries for Canada’s own future use, rather than make an immediate plan to donate to needy countries.

  • LTC: Commission says Ontario failed to work on survey of long-term care homes ahead of second wave
  • On a lighter note: Paralympian Kamille Frenette is hoping to help Canada’s vaccination efforts
  • Q&A: If you have moved to the provinces, can you get vaccinated?
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Peel Region paramedic Ryan administers a single dose of the Modern COVID-19 vaccine at Kingsboro, Mississauga, Ontario, on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at a day-long pop-up vaccination clinic at the Muslim neighboring Nexus Mosque.

Christopher Katsarov / Canadian Press

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freedom of press

The Globe and Mail’s Asia correspondent has been awarded a Press Freedom Award for work covering China’s treatment of their Uygar minority.

Nathan Vanderklip shared the award with The Investigative Reporter The Narwal, along with Sarah Cox, for coverage of the site sea hydroelectric project in British Columbia.


  • As IndiaCOVID-19 is in a second wave crushing the infection, a growing image against media coverage criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of the epidemic. Media watchers said that in the last few years there have been attempts to beat critical voices to cover the epidemic relationship with digital freedom in India.
  • Putin’s latest attack on journalists is being squeezed Russia ‘Missing free press. Roman Enin would know, when a team of agents arrived at his door and searched for seven hours – explaining nothing about his presence as he ransacked his apartment – that this was a call on free media and freedom of speech Marks the beginning of an increased crack.

real estate

The panic of the epidemic has made real estate worse, and if you are not careful, you will succumb to your fear of missing out.

And of course people feel FOMO – every real estate advertisement, home-reno show and social-media post is designed to trigger it. What is the plan? Economists and policy-makers are deep into an essential debate. Ultimately, the rules may change, but if today’s housing market is hurting your brain, you won’t have to lose your head.

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  • Wagons East: Meet Homeowners Driving a Real Estate Exodus in Atlantic Canada
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Sara Tassili and her fiance Ryan Foley are photographed on April 20, 2021 in Downtown Toronto.

Fred Lum / The Globe and Mail

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Wealthsimple on the verge of the largest Canadian private technical funding: Sources close to the transaction say several new investors are in advanced stages of completing a deal to invest $ 700 million or more for an equity stake in Wealthsimple.

Special force commander on leave in support of a soldier convicted of sexual exploitation: Canada’s top soldier apologized for dealing with a high-profile departure within the ranks of the nation’s military, which he admitted was “increasing pain” within the Canadian armed forces.

Private Loan Manager Bridging Finance has been placed in receivership as part of OSC’s activities: The Ontario Securities Commission alleges that Bridging rigged $ 35 million from an investment fund it manages to complete the acquisition for its own benefit; Its chief executive received $ 19.5 million in his personal account from a client on whom Bridging had borrowed more than $ 100 million; And Bridging lent $ 32 million to the borrower two weeks before the same borrower bought a 50-percent stake in Bridging.

Morning Markets

European shares riseEuropean shares rose on Monday as investors waited for a hectic week for rapid US economic data about the global economic recovery, which is expected to reduce the strength of the rebound. Just 6 days before ET, the UK’s FTSE 100 rose 0.12 percent. Germany’s Dax and France’s CAC 40 rose 0.26 percent and 0.13 percent, respectively. In Asia, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng broke 1.28 percent. New York futures were high. The Canadian dollar was trading at 81.22 US cents.

What’s up about everyone

Regime change is not only possible in China, it is urgent

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Roger Garside: “The potential benefits of a systematic transition from dictatorship to democracy in China test the limits of imagination.”

Ten years after its Orange Wave, the NDP should reclaim Jack Layton’s project

Brad Lavigne: “But to capitalize, the NDP – like when Jack was the leader – has to answer a very simple question: is this the conscience of Parliament, or does it want to win?”

Today Editorial Carton

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David Parkins / The Globe and Mail

Better living

What can we do about the loss of learning of children during an epidemic?

As children struggle with social isolation, books can provide them with a window into the new world – and can also make them happier, healthier and prosperous.

Children learn more from books on how to decode the words on a page. In reading stories, children reason, visualize, interpret and connect. They interact with the characters on the page. They learn from people, in other words. Reading is also a deceptive social exercise. Children may be able to use literature as a book as a portal to freedom and family.

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If TODAY is your BIRTHDAY: Cosmic activity in the area that controls your social and professional standings, you should do nothing in the coming 12 months that could harm your reputation. Honesty is essential, even if it means doing things that you know will not please others.

Read today’s horoscope. Enjoy today’s puzzle.

Picture in Time: Photo Collection

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Dr. Charles Best (left) and Sir Frederick Banting pose with one of their lab dogs after the historic discovery of insulin at their University of Toronto Lab in 1921.

Canadian Press

Banting and discovering the best insulin

For over 100 years, photographers and photo librarians have preserved an extraordinary collection of 20th-century news photography for the Globe and Mail. Every Monday, The Globe has one of these pictures. This month, we are marking the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin.

In the spring of 1921, Frederick (Fred) Banting was a 29-year-old physician who had failed to work as a camp physician with an oil search party. Instead, he secured an unused lab at the University of Toronto to test an idea that was about diabetes. Charles (Charlie) Best, a fourth-year medical student working a summer job with a friend, became Mr. Banting’s assistant through a coin toss. The unaffected pair began work in mid-May, using the dogs as their test subjects. By early August he demonstrated that extracts extracted from one dog’s pancreas could be used to lower the blood sugar of another dog whose pancreas was surgically removed. This was at first a clear indication of what would later be known as insulin in action, prompting a festive ceiling photo with his canine patient # 408.

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