Opinion COVID-19 vaccines operate with little risk. The vaccine message is terrible, with huge risks.

As one of nearly 1.7 million Canadians with AstraZeneca teach our immune system how to do immune system karate, what could be my first instinct, what is hell? Now you tell me that AstraZeneca is a third grade vaccine? In fairness, this is a third-rate vaccine approved by Health Canada and is far more likely to save my life than it would have taken my life. Also, there was not much change in messaging.

Still, Monday’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization Update was as neat as throwing a watermelon at the windshield of a moving car. At an afternoon briefing, NACI Vice Chairman Dr. “What we are saying – and what we are saying all along – is that mRNA vaccines are the preferred vaccines,” says Shelley Dex. Ahh. Well.

So some of the 1.2 million who are thinking that we can wait for Pfizer, which is an mRNA vaccine like Modern, versus AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s more traditional viral vectors. Pfizer’s supply schedule is reliable and growing, while Modern is uncertain. NACI’s advice as to vaccine hesitation and buyer’s remorse is probably not the optimal solution, here.

Of course, it is not the case that AstraZeneca was promised to be the gold standard in any regard. The risk is real, and critically, data is evolving rapidly. Vaccine-induced rare blood clots or VITT-related risks have been found to be less rare over time, and are now estimated at one in 100,000, or 50–50 wins at the former Epidemic University of Michigan Football game. This may be less. If you drive a lot, it is statistically more dangerous. Johnson & Johnson has a similar, though less data-proven, issue. And NACI recommends that it should not be used in people under 30 years of age.

But it is more that we were given the message that the first vaccine is the best vaccine, and that it is lacking. The Prime Minister and his wife received AstraZeneca on 23 April, the leader of the official opposition and his wife the next day, the day before the leader of the federal NDP. This came after the Premier of Ontario, and his Minister of Health. So NACI is saying that the mRNA is an A-plus student and AstraZeneca is the student with the whiteout on his jean jacket, well, it felt like a bomb.

It was not right. The day Justin Trudeau took the vaccine, Dex – one of the true heroes of Ontario’s epidemic, before he left – said the same.

“At this time, and based on current evidence, the NACI suggests that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine may be given to individuals 30 years of age and older without any contraindications, if a person does not wish to wait for the mRNA vaccine, And on April 23, Deeks said the risks outweigh the risks. This was the same day that NACI recommended AstraZeneca for more than 30 days.

But he used the word “favorite” this time, and then NACI’s chair, Drs. Caroline Kwach-Than told CTV, “If, for example, my sister received the AstraZeneca vaccine and died of a thrombosis when I found out it could be stopped. And she was not in a high-risk area. Hai, I’m not sure I can live with that. “

It is a public health message as given in the dark with a flashlight under your chin, and a ruffled skull above your shoulder. NACI is a heavily volunteer organization without a serious communications staff, and federal liberals say they have not been given any additional staff from tourism, perhaps it was a mistake.

But let’s go over it carefully. These vaccines save lives. “The best vaccine is the first vaccine” if it is an emergency, and in many places in Canada, with variants running around it, it still is.

“You need to talk about four things: risk, benefit, choice and context,” Dr. Says Isaac Bogoche, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto and a member of the Ontario Vaccine Task Force. “And sometimes we focus on one and ignore the other three, but you need them all. And if you only focus on risk and skimp on risk, choice and context, then people may get a misconception.

“But at the end of the day, when you really talk about those four things you can help people make an informed decision. Sometimes we miss the reference part, and context is important. March, April May It is not every day you have an adult in a pediatric ICU. It is not every day that you are calling health care providers from other provinces to help with astronomical levels of COVID-19. It is not every day that you are accepting more and more people who are in hospital and ICU in their 20s and 30s and 40s. Context is important. “

In fact, vaccines are an emergency in many parts of Canada because the provinces have horribly misused a third wave that was never exploded by vaccines, and was not driven by borders.

The day of NACI was a picture of our epidemic. NACI, Plus Health Canada, Public Health Agency and Feds of Canada, and the notion of muddled messaging; Destructive decisions at the provincial level; Vaccine Chase, which has been politicized when it is a relatively successful global discovery of truly incredible and life-saving new products; And the inequality created throughout this theism. NACI said that AstraZeneca and J&J should be used as part of a risk calculus: if you feel your risk is high enough, you should take it.

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Which means the same people who have been least protected in this epidemic: homeless, migrant workers, new Canadians, essential workers, who are in the poorest, most racial neighborhoods. This inequality is a big part of how Canada has truly failed in this epidemic, when the epidemic laid a mirror to our self-satisfied, entitled society. Remember when Dr. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. Barbara Yaffe said that bus takers should consider the risks, such as where people ride the bus to see the sights and meet new people? that’s how it is.

So NACI stepped in, and NACI needs to either deal directly with Health Canada or get a better PR, but it’s not about NACI, okay. It was a piece of Canada in the epidemic, and we had all our faults. Well, except one. It is very comfortable, right now, Canada has bought a lot of different vaccines.


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