Opinion Remove me from the invite list! Socialite Suzanne Rogers ‘apologizes’ for her Trump photo op in Mar-a-Lago – but it’s too late

“Um… did Suzanne R. actually post a picture with Trump in Mar-a-Lago in her stories ??” Or is that a cardboard cutout? “

This is how my day started, just after 9am last Saturday, when a friend sent me a Code Orange alert, as I was picking up a Starbucks order. Catch American.

Immediately diving on Instagram, I saw what she was looking for: six posts in a row, from Toronto’s society “philanthropists” and Queen Bee, posting from Trump Ground Zero in Palm Beach, with the same kind of enthusiasm as I I am an associate teenager at the One Direction concert in 2012 (and when Toronto sits in lockdown, Mind You). One photo of him was a creepy painting of a former Potus in a tennis sweater (“The Donald”, which he had captured in all caps), but he and his family had a tail-cheese in the clinic, including Tell Rojo’s Ed Rogers. Were also included. (Whose company just announced first-quarter earnings of over $ 3 billion) with the man himself. This was not a cut-out. (“A special way to end the night!”

Feeling the impending storm, like the veteran social meteorologist that I am, I immediately caught the posts on screen, before he essentially took them down (hey, if I did 10,000 hours of “Real Housewives” If you have learned anything from watching, that is, you always screen-grab Every thing For the fight ahead!).

A few hours later, Suzanne – whose style icon, she has said, is indeed true to “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – had the photos removed, as expected. But jerk? Beginning.

Quickly, the side drama went from the Ryerson School of Fashion to a response and then further Non– From Ryerson University – Question (to which both socialites and their families have donated crores): Where the social media account for the school issued a post slogan of flapped photo-op with the proverbial face of white supremacy, humility Is asking for a meeting with Suzanne to express her concerns. It was soon taken down and replaced with a no-position post, anestheties from the university. In turn, a chill effect cried and cried out to those who donated (from Ryerson University “Shits Creek” star Dan Levy to Chatelyn editor-in-chief Maureen Hallahawk). Also after resigning from the advisory board of the school’s Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute.

For someone whose image had been carefully managed over the years – see Suzanne welcoming Victoria Beckham to a lavish society lunch at her home in Toronto; Another in her mans with Diane von Fustenberg; In four seasons with Anna Wintour and a trophy gift to Serena Williams (as she had done for years in the Rogers Cup) – it was surprisingly blown up in a few seconds. Now the first thing to come up on Google search are references to his Mar-a-Lago misadvt (I check). This scandal has already figured prominently in his Wikipedia entry. (Good luck getting DVF on the horn now!)

and for what? “Amazing how years of philanthropy can be pursued by online social domination,” a PR supporter friend of mine told me. “I can’t understand the opposite. This is either privilege (aka mournful ignorance) or stupidity. And I can’t decide which thing is worse.

An insider from Rogers told me on Monday, “The director (at the company) was in a state of brainstorming all day.” PR 101. It has only enhanced and developed it. ”

On Tuesday – after wreaking havoc for more than 96 hours – was the official word. Suzan released MEA Pulak, Asserted that “no political statement, or any policy was intended by the picture.” Oh, is that so. But what about the verdict? And what kind of bubble shouldn’t you have to guess the reaction (in a culture where everyone and everything, including SoulCycle, have had to answer for their Trump relationship over the past several years)?

Typically, the apology was also of the “housewife” model: posting photos was done “without considering the misconceptions and implications that would be made around my personal beliefs.” Translation: Putting blame and tears on “misinterpretation” rather than taking full responsibility. Old “I’m sorry if You are sad, not that I hurt you. “

In particular, the reaction of others in the wider Rogers family is also clearly serious about Suzanne self-sabotage. “So unnecessary,” is what one of Edward’s siblings told a friend.

A social set staple – Someone familiar with the Rogers clan from his long-time perch in Lyford, Bahamas said to me: “This tone is more than deaf … it doesn’t seem like (Suzanne) is great at reading one room per room , But I don’t understand why she would think it’s a good idea. “

Silence from many other parts of social movement? Deafness. To all those people who founded Black Squire to prove Black Lives Matter on Instagram in May last year to support Black Lives Matter, I proved that it was then: Performer Hui. Convenient. I mean, come on: calling it out, of all things – after the pain and massacre of the last few years, especially for people of color like myself – Not difficult.

Meanwhile, fashion campaigner Gail McInnes acted with the view: “The fashion industry does not need Suzanne Rogers’ money. Her contributions served her more than the industry, while assisting only a handful of brands . She is not as powerful as we have allowed her to be. Speaking is our power. ”

I felt this was an interesting perspective – so much power is actually co-mingling with perception and, being a self-conscious type, I realized how people like him contributed to his stature even in this city (me I remember doing this for the first time more than 15 years ago!). And as with any fear I feel social vengeance while saying this, it would actually be a gift not to attend any of her parties or celebrations. Please strip me! Please! Put the one in the pyre that is titled: Become One, Become One For Them All!

One more thing: why is Suzanne on Instagram with the rest of the thirst-trap and trustworthy moments? It is not that she has a brand to rule or a country (a reason why you have the choice of Erin Lauder or Queen Rania on IG). I mean, woman, there is a major-league baseball team in your family. And haven’t you heard that true luxury is being enabled today No Post or share is that Real dream.

Some point out that Suzanne has received the bulk of the criticism – more than her husband, Edward (who as president of Rogers Communications actually holds power in this country). Partly, I think, this is due to gender bias and a type of hard-wired Marie Antoinette-ish thing, but also clearly, because she is the one who posted the pics in the first place.

Branded Content Strategist Tony Rufo offered a full opinion, stating that when the country said: “The country is in crisis, the lives of many employees have been affected. He didn’t post about it, but he … MAR-A-LAGO !? now?! while @ Rogers Posts about Asian Heritage Month? “(Not insignificant, because Trump has basically ignited this current wave of anti-Asian racism!)

It’s loading…

It’s loading…It’s loading…It’s loading…It’s loading…It’s loading…

then now what? I asked Crisis Management Specialist Lindsey Masksel for some ideas. He had many! “Simply removing the post was not enough. Rogers has millions of individual customers who have the power of consumer choice at a time when it has never been more important for brands to be clear about their principles and values. This is an important time for Rogers Inc. to be seen as a good corporate citizen as regulators have to approve Rogers’ bid to buy Shaw Communications Inc.… ”

Maskell added: “From a crisis management point of view, the family now goes without a statement that includes a clear understanding that the IG Post has supported the complex support of Donald Trump and his ideas (avoiding non-urgent public The stern disregard for health guidance is not mentioned) travel) for a long time it remained a story … Ultimately forgiveness did not involve any course of action to understand why it was an issue. “

Meanwhile, whatever happens next in the Rogers fold allows me to tell it again: consider it my un-RSVP. My work is done.

Shinan Gowani is a Toronto-based freelance contributing columnist covering culture and society. Follow her on Twitter: @ Shinangovni


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