Opposition parties disappointed after Trudeau’s debate about abrupt cancellation by top ally

TORONTO – Federalist conservatives and the NDP are airing disappointments following an argument over whether the investigation of General Justin Jonathan Vance was abruptly canceled.

The debate started on Friday when Katie Telford was called in to answer questions about the government’s handling of the allegations against Vanty, but was suspended after Liberal members of the Defense Committee spoke out.

The debate was scheduled to resume on Monday, but opposition members were informed before the meeting that it had been canceled.

“All we got was last-minute notice, in which the meeting was canceled without further explanation,” NDP defense critic Randall Garrison told The Canadian Press. “And no timeline for resuming. The official website still says that Friday’s meeting is suspended and says nothing more about it.”

In a statement, conservative defense critic James Bejan blamed the Liberal Committee Chairman Karen McMeramon for canceling the meeting to protect the government and Telford.

“Liberals have shown how far they will go to continue this coverup and prevent Canadians from learning the truth,” he said. “It is clear that liberals are more interested in protecting Katie Telford than women and men in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

The meeting was canceled soon after Conservative leader Erin O’Toole issued a statement to fire Taldo, saying his party would sign a resolution in the House of Commons to fire Telford. While there is a possibility that the proposal may pass, it would be considered largely symbolic.

Trafford has been in political hot water since last month, when Elder Markes, one of Trudeau’s former advisers, suggested that he had been made aware of the charge against Vance. Noting that Trudeau has been told that he was not aware of any allegations against the former general, opposition parties have seized on the idea that the prime minister’s top aide was aware of the allegation, but he Did not tell them.

“Not only has Katy Telford failed to inform the Prime Minister about a serious sexual misconduct allegation, she went on to cover up a cover to hide the truth from Canadians,” Ottol wrote in a statement on Monday Was.

“If the Prime Minister does not fire Katie Telford, it would be an admission that he is lying about his knowledge of sexual misconduct allegations against General Vance, and he is embroiled in this cover up.”

Last week Trudeau said his office had been made aware of the allegation, but was unaware that the allegation was sexual in nature.

In early February, the Canadian Military Police began an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Vance. CTV News has not independently confirmed the allegations.

With files by Canadian Press and Granthshala.ca writer Brooklyn Newstetter


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