Penticton, BC There is a fight over another homeless housing project in

Another battle is going on between the city of Penticton and the provincial government over a proposed supportive housing project in the city of South Okanagan.

BC is moving forward with Housing There are plans to build 54 new purpose-built, permanent subsidiary homes. At 3240 Skeha Lake Rd. For people at risk or experiencing homelessness.

According to BC Assessment Records, the housing agency quietly bought the 1.2-acre lot in July for $ 2.1 million.

In January, Pentictonon Mayor John Wasilaki called for a moratorium on plans to build a fourth supportive housing development in the city until a third-party review of existing facilities in the province was completed.

Wasilaki said that the way other BCE in the city.

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“Our businesses are suffering, neighborhoods in residential areas are suffering, crime has increased significantly,” Wasilaki said.

Blake Laven, director of development services, confirmed that the city’s situation had not changed.

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Penticton city and BC government quarrel over temporary shelter

Penticton city and BC government quarrel over temporary shelter – April 21, 2021

“Council has requested a review of other supportive housing facilities in Penticton, which will be submitted prior to a development application for additional ancillary housing units being built on this site.”

However, BC Housing says it has already submitted a development permit application to the city so that construction can begin.

It is unknown if the requested review is underway, but no results have been presented to City Hall.

“Our goal is to start construction in late spring or early 2021,” spokeswoman Samantha Caccano said in an email to Global News.

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“Surveyors are currently assessing soil conditions at the proposed supportive housing site. No permit is required for this type of work and construction activity has not commenced. “

Meanwhile, the city’s Safety and Security Advisory Committee is drafting guidelines for shelter and supportive housing locations, including issuing a draft map of the “no-go” zone.

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City of Penticton seeking public input on fight with province over emergency shelter

City of Penticton calls for public input on battle with province over emergency shelter – April 1, 2021

Skeha Lake Road, the site of the provincial housing project, is located in its proposed “no-go” zone.

A draft map of the city’s “no-go” zone for provincial shelter and supportive housing projects.

City of penticton

The draft guidelines state that housing projects may not face major travel corridors, including Lakeshore Drive, Main Street (100–700 blocks), Martin Street (100–300 blocks), Riverside Drive, Skeha Lake Road and Westminster Avenue. Are included.

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Accommodation facilities should be at least 150 meters from Marina Way Beach, Okanagan Beach, Skeha Beach, Gyaro Park, Lakwana Park, Marina Way Park, Okanagan Lake Park, Rose Garden, Skeha Lake Park.
And SS Sicily, and at least 150 meters from a school.

“The role of the city in this process can be that of a regulator. The role of the city will not be to find a location for the entity that meets these guidelines, but to ensure that the locations chosen by the entities meet these guidelines, ”said an employee report.

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The province is set to fight Penticton city council over the future of the Downtown Winter Shelter

Province ready to fight Penticton city council over future of Downtown Winter Shelter – March 11, 2021

The committee will make a recommendation to the city council which has the final authority to accept and adopt the guidelines.

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The city has been embroiled in a dispute with the provincial government after BC Housing invited paramount powers to keep the city’s Emergency Winter Shelter open against the city’s wishes.

The city is considering filing an injunction against the province in court, which could lead taxpayers to pay legal fees of up to $ 300,000. The shelter is currently operating without the permission of the municipality.

Housing Minister David Ibee said that the shelter will remain open until the Skeha Lake Road supportive housing facility is built.

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