Politics briefing: Advising on COVID-19 vaccines reflects the nature of science, says Tam


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Amid the controversial advice of a national panel on vaccines, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is clinging to his expressed view that vaccines are properly approved, and allows Canadians to take them as soon as possible to end the epidemic Needed.

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The issue arose after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization stated that mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are “preferred” because viral-vector vaccines from Oxford-AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have a remote risk of blood clots. .

Here is a story of how the Canadian Pharmacists Association reacted to the advice.

“I can once again confirm that every single vaccine available in Canada has been approved, both safely and effectively,” Mr. Trudeau said at a press conference in Ottawa on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister avoided reacting to the recommendations that have sparked so much debate.

“It is a good thing that we get to hear from a wide range of recommendations by medical experts and doctors to keep us safe. The bottom line is that we all need [to] Get vaccinated as soon as possible. “

Mr. Trudeau said that he was very happy that he got a shot of AstraZeneca.

Dr. When asked about the issue at the same news conference, Theresa Tam said she could understand why some are worried or frustrated because “advice is developing,” but noted that there is science and the nature of advice.

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He said that various parties, including Health Canada and the Immunization Advisory Committee, are all doing their work.

“The bottom line is that everyone should be assured that regulators, health experts and local medical authorities have all done their work in a synchronized way to provide vaccines to communities. You should be confident that the vaccine you are offering is done with that best knowledge, ”she said.

Dr. Tam said that there will be a continuous effort to monitor the information around AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

On another issue, Mr. Trudeau was also asked about his chief of staff, Katie Telford, after the House of Commons opened a debate on Conservative Opposition Day’s proposal on Tuesday, with Mr. Trudeau to fire him for dealing with the allegations said. Jonathan Vance, former chief of defense staff. Christy Kirkup and Janice Dickson report on that issue here.

When asked about the possibility of Ms. Telford’s testimony before the Commons Defense Committee, the prime minister brushed aside the specific issue, accusing opponents of “playing a highly aggressive partisan game” with the issue of sexual harassment in the military.

today’s day

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Social Media and Bill C-10 The Liberal government is promising an amendment to its Broadcasting Act law, which states Ottawa is attempting to regulate Canada’s social-media posts.

Fireball Family members and co-workers of those killed in tragic shooting events at Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal say the federal government’s firearms law is “an outrageously hollow bill” that should be repealed altogether.

Fed ACT on Planned Highway Ottawa is stepping into the approval process for a proposed Ontario highway that connects four Toronto-area municipalities, saying environmental concerns need to be closely watched.

QP CUSSING In the latest House of Commons misconduct with a webcam, Government House leader Pablo Rodríguez was caught swearing in question, as opposition lawmakers grilled liberals to deal with allegations of sexual misconduct against former military commander Jonathan Vance. From the Canadian Press.

RCMP Mousse The board chair of a future national museum focused on the RCMP is promising to include both positive and challenging stories about Canada’s national police force, as it is scheduled to receive $ 4.5 million over three years from the federal budget .

TRUDEAU on Mental Health Sophie Gregoire Trudeau on Mental Health: Good mental health is not necessarily about being happy every day, but about feeling good about who you are, “to love and respect yourself in a culture What does not necessarily teach us about developing equipment is from the Montreal Gazette.

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Churned out After returning from the first in-person meeting of the G7 foreign and development ministers in two years, Foreign Minister Mark Gerno faced three days of quarantine at a hotel. From the Canadian Press.

Prime Minister’s day

Private meetings. The Prime Minister holds a news conference on the COVID-19 situation, in which he participates in the Question Hour. He talks with the prince of Wales.

The leaders

Block Québecis leader Yves-François Blanchet Vaccine organizes a news conference in West Block on passports.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh Holds a pair of news conferences, one supporting small businesses during the epidemic, and the other on the national dental care program. Also participates in the Question Hour and hosts a virtual Iftar of Ramadan with community leaders.

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The Globe and Mail Editorial Board On User Content on Social Media and Bill C-10: “Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbult has recently been persuaded by the failure of his political opponents that he has nothing but pure intentions and will never put his name on a bill that would allow Ottawa to deliver innocent user-generated content on the Internet Gives the power to regulate. “

Andre Picard (The Globe and Mail) On the increasingly frustrating task of fixing long-term care in Ontario: There is nothing surprising or new in the report, although this is not a knock for the commissioners. When more than 150 reports have been written, it is difficult to write about how to correct the helpless long-term care system from the advent of medicine. There was nothing unexpected in the government’s response. Blaming previous governments for all the failures and making vague commitments to do something, sometimes – it’s all standard political fare. But at some point, politicians have to stop commissioning reports that they intend to send directly to the dumper and start implementing long overdue and prevalent sensible recommendations therein. “

Irwin Kotler, Shirin Abadi and Christophe Delroyer (The Globe and Mail) World’s longest incarcerated journalist on justice: “In 2001, Dawood Isaac was kidnapped by Eritrean officials amid a wide outpouring of journalists, independent media and government critics. For 19 years, he has been held incommonicado, likely to be in solitude, without any charge, trial or contact with the outside world. His last “proof of life” begins in 2005. The reason to believe that he is held in a secret Eiraeiro prison camp in the middle of a mountainous desert causes a slow death on its completely isolated political prisoners. At least seven of the journalists arrested with him have already tragically passed away. Meanwhile, Eritrean officials responsible for these crimes are still in power. And so today, on World Press Freedom Day, we are calling on Canada and its allies to hold these officials and stand up for those fighting to uphold this most fundamental right around the world. “

Drew Hayden Taylor (The Globe and Mail) On SEven questions you should not ask an indigenous person: “As an indigenous writer, I spent a lot of time on the lecture circuit in pre-COVID times, spreading the gospel of indigenous literature. Many questions came to me from the audience with the art of writing. But habitually, I would need to ask me questions to answer on behalf of Canada’s entire First Nation population, all 634 communities, and over 1.6 million Canadians who identify as indigenous. This is to some extent an adequate responsibility. Full disclosure – I personally do not know all 1.6 million. There are a few hundred people in the northwest area who were out of town when I moved there. “

Dale Smith (The Globe and Mail) Whatever the ‘coup’ on the conservative ride was:And let’s face it: the grassroots position is rough in all the major parties in Canada. Canadians have allowed our semi-presidential-primary-style leadership elections to dominate all aspects of the parties’ operations, which has given party leaders the authority to create a top-down structure within their party organizations. Consequently, very little is said about their respective parties at the ground level. “

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