Popular Montreal morning radio host announces his retirement

A well-known Montreal radio host has decided to hang up his microphone.

After decades as a popular Morning Man on English radio, Terry DiMonte has announced that he is stepping down from his position on November 28, CHOM-FM.

“It’s time to veil this chapter of my life,” he told the audience on Tuesday morning. “It’s time for me to let someone else sit in this chair.”

According to him there was a convergence of events which convinced him that it was time to leave.

The 63-year-old told Global News, “Well the contract was coming to an end and there were a lot of changes from above and nobody knew which way we were going.” The ‘”

His last day at the station is 28 May.

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DiMonte began her career with CHOM in 1984. He did stints at other English stations in the city, such as CJAD and MIX-96. He spent many years as a morning man at Q-107 in Calgary, where he met again in the air with friend and co-host Patti Lorenz McNeil, AKA Peppermint Patti, with whom he also co-hosted in Montreal .

He said that he always made her laugh.

“It didn’t matter whether we were in the studio, or whether we were in Jean Cotu on Sherbrooke Street, where one day he made me laugh so much that he almost had to take me to the stretcher,” she said with a laugh.

Behind his time in Montreal, DiMonte said it was special because he grew up in the city, where he lived his dream.

“It meant the world to me because when I was in high school, it was the only thing I wanted to do,” he explained. “I wanted to be on the radio and I lived on the radio in the city where I grew up, and that meant a lot to me.”

Those who know him well, such as Montreal Gazette columnist Bill Brownstein, say the city is not losing a valuable voice in the angelophone community with their departure. The audience is losing a bridge-builder.

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“He really established synergy with Anglo, Francos,” Brownstein said. “I mean, he’s probably spinning on classic rock [he’s] Just like the man next door – like a real friend to all. “

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Like longtime CJAD broadcaster Trudy Mason, peer Dymante is more than an entertainer, saying that he was an avid but respectful debater who understands his audience.

“He said he has become bilingual, he understands the city, he understands the geography, he understands the Anglophone community, he can relate to the people,” Mason said.

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante caught the attention of politicians of all stripes, including Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante, tweeting about the announcement on Tuesday morning.

“The best time and the sound of staying calm during our difficult moments. You loved to catch but you love Montreal even more. I wish you a happy retirement. “

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DiMonte laughed at the tweet saying that Plante’s opponent in the upcoming municipal elections also tweeted it.

“Dennis Coderre tweeted at me today that he wanted me to join the team,” laughed Dymont. I’m pretty sure he’s just joking! “

DiMonte claims he has no interest in running for office, and in fact has no plans when he leaves CHOM. He refuses to say that he is retiring, preferring instead to say that a new chapter will begin for him, coming on 28 May.

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