Premier Doug Ford attributed the fire to the wrong media outlet after a bizarre tweet.

A tweet posted Monday evening by Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Twitter account defied the province’s call for stronger border measures.

The tweet was removed on Tuesday morning, with a picture of Ford with Health Minister Christine Elliott and a photo of Ford with the title of a CBC article by reporter Mark Gollum.

The photo of Ford and Elliott included in the tweet is not one of the images published in the CBC article. Meanwhile, while the quote attributed to Ford appears in the article, the story focuses on the low number of COVID-19 cases responsible for traveling in time.

Twitter was quick to point out tweet error to users. “Just to be clear: Ford is posting theoretical media now!” One commenter stated. “This screenshot is not real! It’s photoshopped to look like a CTV article. It’s a CBC title from an ineffective article on Ford with the CTV logo and a random quote / picture,” they continued.

Another commenter asked: “Every repetition of the story connects to the CBC. Why did your media people manipulate it to advertise CTV?”

Premier spokeswoman Ivana Yelich said “it was corrected as soon as this error was brought to our attention”. Yelich did not address questions raised by the star as to why the image was changed.

An almost identical tweet with the correct logo was posted before 10 am on Tuesday morning. Star has reached out to CBC for comment on the tweet.

After fixing the logo error, users were quick to reply with screenshots of the original tweet.

The CBC article cited by Ford was published in December last year and examined the rate of COVID-19 entering the country through travel. At the time, travel accounted for less than 0.31 percent of cases, the article found.

A representative from CTV News declined to comment for this story.

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Jenna Moon is a breaking news reporter for Starr and is based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @ _Jenmoon


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