Proud Boys Canada says that it was never a ‘white supremacy’ group, it dissolved on its own

Ottawa dissolved itself earlier this year by Proud Boys Canada, a far-flung group designated as a terrorist organization, saying it had done nothing wrong, according to a statement from the organization on Sunday.

In February, Canada said the group posed an active security threat and played a “significant role” in a deadly attack on the US Capitol in January by supporters of then-President Donald Trump. US officials have accused several members of the Proud Boys in connection with the January 6 attack.

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Proud Boys Canada is still online after being listed as a terrorist group

“True, we were never a terrorist or a white supremacy group,” the statement posted by the administrator of the official Proud Boys channel on Telegram stated.

“We are electricians, carpenters, financial advisors, mechanics, etc. More than that we are fathers, brothers, uncles and sons.”

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Click to play video: 'Swearing makes boys proud of membership rites, researchers say'

Proud Boys Membership Rites Taking Oath, Researcher Says

It is a matter of pride to take oath of membership of boys, researchers say – April 7, 2021

Founded in 2016, the Proud Boys started as an organization in the United States and Canada protesting against political correctness and perceived barriers, and evolved into a group that adopted street fighting.

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Naming the Proud Boys as Terrorists will not stop violence

The founder of the group, Gavin McAnes, is a Canadian who lives in the United States.

Public Security Minister Bill Blair said in February that domestic intelligence forces had become concerned about the group.


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