Phil Seal collides with Toronto's amazing motorcycle puppy Sidkar Harvey.
Phil, the owner and chauffeur of Harvey, trained his protégé to sit in the sidecar with treatment and slowly introduced a safety harness and goggles.

It can be hard to wonder these days, but a sure way to please people is to zip your big, smiling lamb, Harvey, on a motorcycle into your custom sidecar.

Phil Ciel, Harvey’s boss and chaotic, never gets tired of people’s reactions. “To see how many people smile, beat their comrades to get their attention, make gestures and get out of their cars in the middle of the intersection to get their photos out,” says Sel.

Cele met Harvey when he was looking for an active dog, and the puppy’s winning personality and chocolate-dipped ears made him stand out from the pack. The pair have been together for more than four years, as Harvey was just eight weeks old. They have logged together over 14,000 kilometers.

Phil Seal was looking for an active dog, and Harvey's personality and chocolate-dipped ears knock him out of the pack.

Cell had been riding a motorcycle for years and was looking for a project after the end of a relationship.

He says, “I took a chance and bought an old 1988 BMW R100RT motorcycle and found a Velorex sidecar near Montreal.” “I worked to marry them together, hoping Harvey would enjoy it as much as I knew.”

Seale’s father sat on the sidewalk for the initial test run, before it was Harvey’s turn. “I started to train Harvey to sit in tact with Harvey and slowly introduce a harness and goggle,” Seale says. “When I was building the rig, it used to sit on the sidewalk. I didn’t know it would be so fun for us. When we are stopped for pictures or crowds, we have placed other dogs, children, and even a child with Harvey. ”

Phil and Harvey have entered more than 14,000 kilometers simultaneously.  A surefire way to please people is to chant in your big, smiling motorcycle in your custom sidecar.

Harvey feels the pavement ride is as enjoyable as his audience. “When that gear drops, I open the front door and he flies down the stairs, drives down the driveway and jumps straight into Sikar. He knows we’re having fun somewhere.”

Having a reason for dropping out has helped Seel during the epidemic. “Harvey gave me a focus after changing parts of my life,” he says. “I think we are making the most of everything we do.”

He embellished Harvey’s sidewalk with a social-media handle @sidecarharvey so that the puppy’s growing fan base can follow his adventures. “Harvey has really molded my lifestyle into something that brings us joy,” Seal says.

“Now, more than ever, this project reminds us that there’s always something to smile about.”

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