Seven arrested after climate activists march on Lions Gate Bridge

Seven people were arrested on Monday during protests against climate change as they tried to stop a traffic stop at the Lions Gate Bridge.

Vancouver police said about 50 protesters gathered near the entrance to Stanley Park and told officers they wanted to “occupy the bridge” in support of their cause.

They said they would be arrested if they blocked access to the bridge, but they continued to march.

Police said in a release that most of the protesters eventually agreed to drop plans to exit Stanley Park and block the bridge, but left five people who were arrested and taken to jail.

Click to play video: 'BC Climate Activists Plan Traffic Interruption in Four-Day March'

BC climate activists plan for traffic disruptions in four-day march

BC Climate Workers Plan Traffic Interruption in Four-Day March – April 16, 2021

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Two other protesters were arrested later in the evening for a traffic blockade in the West End.

“While we respect the democratic right of the people to gather peacefully and express their views, we also understand that it is important for people trying to move around the city when roads and bridges are blocked. How disappointing and inconvenient. ” Said Steve Edison with Vancouver police.

“Lions Gate Bridge is an important piece of infrastructure used by thousands of people daily, including motorists, transit riders and emergency services. The closure of this bridge for any length will guarantee a gridlock and may endanger life. “

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