Suzanne Rogers apologizes amid controversy over photo with former US President Donald Trump

TORONTO – A Canadian philanthropist is facing criticism for taking a picture with former US President Donald Trump in Florida, and the fashion school that bears his name is feeling the heat.

On the campus of Ryerson University in Toronto, signs of the Rogers family’s strong ties are everywhere. The family has donated millions to the school, and this philanthropy is evident in the names of many buildings and programs.

One of those people is the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, named for philanthropist Suzanne Rogers. She has taken plenty of photos with award-winning female students in the past, but recently photos of a socialite spoken at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida have surfaced that have gotten her and Rogers in trouble. .

Including a photo taken with her husband, Rogers Communications President Edward Rogers, with the couple posing with the former president himself.

Suzanne Rogers posted the photo with Trump on Instagram with the caption, “A special way to end the night.”

Ryerson Fashion School graduate Michael Zofranieri is among those who were upset.

“I was initially surprised by the photo,” he told CTV News.

Zofranieri and others said they were surprised that a person who represents Canadian fashion would like to pose with Trump, given his record for attacking groups such as immigrants or joking with people with disabilities.

Rachel Romu, a model with a rare disease that forces her to rely on a cane, said the photo made people feel betrayed.

“Being sympathetic to people who have started some hate-filled thoughts certainly leads to a sense of betrayal and despair for many people within the community,” Romu told CTV News.

Others thought it was wildly inappropriate for the Rogers family, even in Florida, at a time when everyone in Canada is being asked to stay indoors.

Some on social media have called for a boycott of the Rogers network.

In a statement today, Suzanne Rogers said that the Trump encounter lasted only a few seconds at the end of dinner, as they were leaving, clarifying that she “has no connection with Donald Trump in any way, good.” Is or otherwise “and this was the first time they met today.

“I have always believed in equality, diversity, inclusivity and respect for all,” she wrote in the statement.

She said that when she took the photo and posted it, “it was done without considering the false beliefs and implications I made about my personal beliefs.”

Rogers said he regrets that his actions led anyone to question his values, but missed apologizing for taking the photo himself.

According to the iopener, A student newspaper of Ryerson, the university itself criticized for silencing the fashion school, after a statement condemning Suzanne Rogers was posted on Ryson Fashion’s social media and then removed, with a statement It is said that the university believes that “social media is not a proper platform to judge the actions of others.”


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