Tristen Durocher welcomes passage of provincial suicide prevention bill

When Tristan Daucher found out that the suicide prevention bill had passed, he was hesitant to celebrate too early.

“I wanted to find out if it passed in its original form without a bunch of amendments,” he said. “I learned that it did and I was happy.”

The suicide prevention bill was criticized for being a Saskatchewan NDP legislator and mental health and addict Doyle Vermette. He presented it to the provincial government in 2018 and 2019 but was turned down both times.

Vermette again introduced the bill in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly on April 30, 2021, where it was unanimously passed. It was a victory that took part in the movement of the previous summer.

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“It was very surprising and very unexpected,” Daucher said. “It shows that there was enough influence [last] Summer in a public space to get enough space to take care of the issue. “

Durcher led a movement last summer that drew attention to the issue of suicide in North Saskatchewan. He and himself, a group called Walking with Our Angels, traveled 635 km from the Air Ridge in North Saskatchewan from the Legislative Building to Waskana Park in RCina.

He set up and started a Tippy camp on a 44-day fast to represent the 44 Saskatchewan Party MLAs who have reduced the suicide prevention bill in 2018 and 2019. Over the years, Vermette advocated the implementation of a suicide prevention strategy in the province. As they say, it was a win for all.

“This is one of the many steps required to deal with this crisis. We know that suicide and mental health are a major contributing factor to indigenous deaths in this province, especially among our youth in the north and we need to move quickly on this, ”says Vermet from April 30 According to a media release.

“Now we need to make sure that this government moves through this and can start consulting with those on the ground and the ball is rolled on it as soon as possible.”

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This is something Daucher will continue to see as he sees how the provincial government will address suicides in northern Saskatchewan.

“I am hoping with the right counseling and with the right care providers to support and help them in their need, they can make a lot of changes to do that,” Daucher said. “I’m glad it’s a step in that direction.”

Dermacher gets attached to Vermat after the news Saskatchewan Strategy for Suicide Prevention Act, 2021 Bill 601, Did not expect to hear Vermet’s response to the passing and his contribution.

“[Vermette] He said he believed Walk had a lot of [bill passing], “Says Daucher.” When I tried to answer the phone and said ‘congratulations and thanks’ he said ‘congratulations and thanks’. “

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The Bill obliges the Ministry of Health to implement it within 180 days of commencing consultations with appropriate stakeholders and other related groups. It is mandatory for the Ministry of Health to establish an annual report and still required from the Ministry to record the suicide prevention strategy and progress.

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Some of those requirements include providing guidelines to improve suicide awareness and knowledge, providing suicide statistics and risk factors, collaborating together to find solutions, best practices and incentives for suicide prevention.

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