Vancouver Known for Accidents Examines Safety Upgrades After Serious Accidents at Crossroads

The City of Vancouver says it is investigating security upgrades to an intersection where someone was injured in a dramatic accident on Friday.

The camera collided at 57th Avenue and Prince Edward Street, and required firefighters to free a victim from a vehicle.

One person was rushed to the hospital, but fortunately no one died.

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Neighbor Ramina Randhawa was quoted by Global News as saying, “I heard it at 7:30 am, so it was very sad to see the footage after that.

“I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

Randhawa Started a petition A call was made on Friday to improve the intersection from the city, ideally with some kind of traffic light.

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By Sunday afternoon, around 400 people had signed on.

“I have been living here for 29 years and a car accident happens at this intersection at least once a month. My parents have been involved in one, ”said Randhawa.

“People sign that stop all the time. … They just don’t know how fast cars are coming on the 57th and they shoot through the bus. “

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ICBC data showed that between 2015 and 2019, there were 28 accidents at the intersection.

Independent Vancouver City Coun. Lisa Dominato said the intersection was on her radar, and she listens to the concerns of the residents who signed the petition.

“When I see that we see hundreds of residents saying that we need to address safety measures here – we want our children to be able to walk safely or ride to school safely – I think Is, “he said.

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“I am advocating better measures on intersections and slower roads. I think this is something we should look into. This particular intersection – we have many incidents and I am in touch with my staff to give them the attention they need. “

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In a statement on Sunday, a Vancouver spokesman said crews were on scene at the trimming tree that likely obstructed the stop sign at the intersection.

“The city is also looking at further intersection improvements, which may include a shining beacon,” he said.

Randhawa said that she wants action as soon as possible.

“My worst fear is what has already happened – it’s sitting at my house, listening to my parents, the garage door is closed, and two minutes later there’s an accident outside, a big one. The explosion happened, and knowing that my parents were involved, ”she said.

“My worst fear is someone I know is dying, and it’s already close.”

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