Warman, Sask., Fire ban from ‘extreme’ conditions

The city of Warman, north of Saskatoon, says the fire was banned on Monday due to “extreme” dryness.

The chief of the Warman Fire Department, Ras Austin, said conditions are predominant for ignition these days.

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Severe drought conditions persist in seedlings in parts of Saskatchewan

“Said Tuesday that the snow seemed to leave early and nothing we had done was not absorbed.”

“Basically, we are in a situation where we are around 15 percent of normal rainfall at this point and this situation is extremely dry.

“We want to implement fire bans both inside and outside of the varnum … in the RM (adjoining rural municipality) of Cormen Park.”

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The fire chief said that he had witnessed several fires in the city and neighboring communities due to the conditions; However, no one has sustained injury or damage to the structure.

“Actually, through the efforts of the firefighters in these circumstances, the heroic efforts that I can say, there has been no damage to the fire and any major structure from the fire that has caused us. So we are able to stop the big damage. Are capable, ”Austin said.

“However, property damage, I think, would be substantial in the form of land and trees and things like that.

“In our area, we have probably half a dozen that we have worked with our neighbors and therefore we have to ban.”

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon Fire Department's grass fire season will end soon

Saskatoon Fire Department’s hay fire season soon begins with explosions

Saskatoon Fire Department’s hay fire season soon begins with explosions

According to Austin, a lot of thought and research goes into implementing fire bans and this is something they do not take lightly.

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“We look at trends, weather patterns, the information we get from the provincial government, as far as forecasting and modeling goes. He said that if we use our decisions to ban fires, So if it has reached the point where we have banned fire, there is a very good reason for it, ”he said.

“If people decide not to follow the fire ban, then the financial loss to pay for all fire suppression will be the least of your issues.

“Especially if you start a fire and it ends someone’s life. That is something you will have to live forever. “

Austin said he does not know of anyone in his area of ​​Corman Park who has banned the fire.

“Being that it is very dry and there is no rain to see, I think the ban will last until everything is green or until we get some rain.”

As of May 4, the provincial government website stated that there are 83 RM active fire bans in Saskatchewan.

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