‘We are in a lot of trouble’: What is happening in Alberta as it breaks many COVID-19 case records?

TORONTO – Alberta has become one of the hot spots for COVID-19 in Canada during this third wave of epidemics.

The province broke its daily COVID-19 record for the third consecutive day on Saturday when it reported 2,433 new infections. By Sunday afternoon, Alberta’s test positivity rate had increased by 12 percent, the highest since the epidemic began.

“What we are seeing right now is actually uncontrolled viral growth,” he told CTV News Channel on Sunday.

“If Alberta was the size of Ontario, we would talk about more than 8,000 cases in a single day,” Janey said.

According to CTV News’s COVID-19 case tracker, the seven-day average per 100,000 people in Alberta is nearly double that of Ontario – which is in the midst of its own third wave with 41.43 cases.

“We’re in a lot of trouble here and we really need help,” Calgary emergency room physician Dr. Joe Vipand told CTV News Channel. “There is a whole fleet of measures that can be put in place to reduce the spread, we are not able to convince our leaders to do just that.”

According to Granthshala.ca’s tracker that counts reported cases per million people per day for US states and Canadian provinces and territories, Alberta ranks second with 414.3. Michigan only leads them with 427.3 cases per million people. Ontario and Nunavut are respectfully placed eighth and ninth.

Vipond, a clinical assistant professor at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, called the third wave in the province “predictable and preventable”, stating that “we could have avoided it, but now we are in the thick of it.” Because our leaders actually avoid making those harsh decisions, ”he said.

Jane stated that, “There is no real evidence that any restrictions so far are bringing these numbers under control.”

‘HARD TO IMAGINE’ new rules will apply: Doctor

In the wake of rising cases, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced new restrictions for cities, such as Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray and the Red Fear, last Thursday for high COVID-19 case counts.

These measures included shutting down indoor fitness and indoor sports, and relocating all junior and senior high schools to learn-only learning.

But Janey said the measures are not enough and that “the current sanctions are below those we needed to bring wave two under control in December.” The rebels agreed, calling the new measures “minimal”.

“These are not really major announcements. It is really hard to imagine that it is going to make any difference, ”he said. “And the sad reality with exponential growth is that we can expect a lot to happen before things get better.”

Vipond said that to mitigate the recent wave, the government needs to implement measures not only in major cities but across the province. He suggested closing non-essential retail, getting people into essential businesses, and closing schools from kindergarten to grade six, which he acknowledges will be harder for parents.

He also said that the province needed to use masks and force employees who could stop going to the office to work from home.

Janey said that measures for expected spikes in cases of intensive care unit may be much less.

“As was also reported from the premiere last week, if that curve closes today, if it flatters today and starts to go down, we can expect intensive care unit penetration to possibly happen next. The increase will continue for two weeks. “

He said that hospitals are now splurging to ensure that they not only have extra beds, but also health care staff to take care of patients.

The new coronovirus variants are now more than 60 percent of all cases of the state.

“It’s not only huge because we know they are more permeable, but we also know that their impact on younger patients increases,” said Vipond, adding that he has seen increased ICU visits among younger Canadians. is.

People to people

Vipond said that some Albertans have done their part by not taking the rules seriously from their elected leaders, whose viewpoint said that this should have happened throughout the epidemic.

Many people flout the guidelines of public health officials. On Saturday, thousands arrived at the “No More Lockdown” rodeo in rural Alberta. Jane said her frustration about these rule breakers “is difficult to convey in words.”

He said that people have no excuse, because for more than a year, Canadians have known how to stop the spread.

“People have sacrificed a lot to preserve and protect our health care system … literally the lives of our neighbors and members of our community.”

Although law enforcement was on the scene, the gathering was not breaking up. Both doctors urged the authorities to tighten the rules breakers.

“We have examples when our political leaders have called the epidemic flu in the past.” “They are supporting the protests in this way and they have refused to actually curtail any of these protests.”

Jane said, “We have essentially no tools left to bring these viral numbers under control.”

Vipond said that “Every time I see someone who is unwell with COVID, I am reminded that we should do a lot better.”

However, he noted that vaccination across the province reduced mortality during the third wave much less than the second wave.

“It’s really a testament to the power of vaccines and why it’s really important that everyone get their vaccine pill.”


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