‘Whatever measures are required’: more restrictions coming to Alta. After the day of 2012 cases

EDMONTON – Premier Jason Kenny requested for Albertsons to comply with COVID-19 public health restrictions as the province reported 2,012 new cases on Monday, including 1,900 different infections.

There are now 23,608 active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta – the highest amount of total infections in the province in the entire epidemic.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health of Alberta, Drs. Dina Hinsov said the province completed about 15,000 tests on Monday, bringing the positivity rate to 13.2 percent – another epidemic.

The hospital now has 658 Albertans, an increase from 648 on Sundays. ICU admissions amounted to 154 people in the province.

Alberta now has a seven-day average of 1,969 new cases.

There were four new deaths on Monday.

Of the 1,900 variants of cases of concern, 1,558 were the first identified version B.1.1.7 in the United Kingdom.

P.1 variant cases have increased significantly in Alberta over the past few weeks, with 342 new infections identified for the first time in Brazil on Monday.

As of Sunday, more than 1.64 million vaccine doses have been administered in Alberta, with 29.6 percent of Alberta receiving the least dose. Only 6.6 percent of the population has been fully immunized with COVID-19.

About 60 percent of Albertans aged 60 to 64 have received their first dose and 77 percent of people between 65 and 74 have received their first vaccination.

Kenny encouraged all Alberts to take COVID-19 “seriously”.

He said a new set of restrictions are being developed by the province and more details will be announced on Tuesday.

“Put our healthcare system first,” Kenny said. “We all want to see this epidemic.”

For Kenny, it is surprising that after 14 months and more than 2,000 deaths in Alberta are still considering COVID-19 as a hoax.

He said, “It is up to each of us, our actions will determine whether we get a heat where we can enjoy lighter restrictions and less spread because of the vaccine or whether we can still spread the virus.” Struggling with “.

During the COVID-19 update, Kenny announced Alberta teachers and support staff in schools such as watchmen would be eligible for vaccination from Tuesday.

Alberta is coming for more results

Kenny said the Albertans could expect “stronger” public health measures for the province on Tuesday.

There will be a meeting of the Cabinet Committee in Charge of Sanctions and Kenny said that decisions have not yet been taken as to the nature of the sanctions.

Major questions were faced as to why the ban has been imposed in a one-piece, step-by-step fashion in the province, unlike large packages.

“We are constantly sticking to the same goals, which are to protect life, to protect the health defense system, but to minimize the negative impact of sanctions on our broader social health,” he said.

“I think generally we’ve done quite well with that.”

He justified the success of Alberta’s sanctions, citing the per capita mortality rate in the province compared to the national rate and rates in other jurisdictions in North America and Europe.

Alberta is a ‘BEHAVIORAL DIFFERENCE’, which is included in 19 fully covered exams.

Kenny said that Alberta has worked in the same policy direction as British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Case count is falling in those provinces, while they are reaching high levels of new epidemics in Alberta.

For Kenny, the difference lies in following the rules.

“There is a behavioral difference here,” he said. “We want people to follow the rules, not the rules.

“That is why we have always taken the view that sanctions should be a final and limited measure to maximize compliance and public procurement.”

He said there could be problems with noncompliance because Alberta has the lowest population in Canada and younger co-workers are seeing more infections, weather is improving and people are going out more, and in this province A larger labor force participation is to translate higher public jobs.

Now, he says, there may be nothing left in the toolbox other than extensive tough restrictions.

Many of the questions posed on Kenny examined his reaction to the epidemic and why Albertans should trust his leadership as epidemic records kept shattering.

“The virus has just got us to the point,” Canei said in response to a question that the province is getting for an increase in this third wave under his leadership.

“We continue to layer strong measures on top of strong measures,” he said. “We saw that was effective in November and December.

“But right now, we are facing a very serious wave and we will take whatever measures are necessary to address it.”


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