Why is a dog park development in Dorwal not sitting well with everyone

A newly approved Finned Dog Park development in Surrey Park, Dorwal, has local dog owners barking at what they call a lack of transparency and consultation.

The City of Dorwal recently approved the financing of a $ 46,000 development in the wilderness area in Surrey Park, next to the airport.

The money will go towards a plan to create a fence-in space for dogs and their owners.

The newly designated area will cover a range of 60 meters to 240 meters and allow owners to run their dogs free off-leash.

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“I just blew my lid. There should have been transparency and there was not, ”said resident and dog owner Michelle Bienvenu.

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He is one of several dog owners who have voiced opposition to the city’s plans.

Pamphlets and petitions line up trees all over the marshy green space.

Bienvenu walks on a wooden footpath daily with his best friend, Rascal. He says that about 100 or so people do the same.

Robert Broca said, “This is a small oasis in the area where we can let the dogs away from the leash.”

Broca enjoys the freedom of the park, so he travels from his home to the DDO at least three times a week. He says that an enclosed space will ruin this “gem”.

“Essentially it’s already fenced. It’s an invisible (fence) – you have to live in this area … everyone already respects the rules,” Broca said.

The proposed dog park would cover less than half of the original green space.

“It’s wild; That’s why we come here, ”Bienvenu said.

Known as Surrey Dog Run, longtime city signs allow dog owners to allow their pets without facing punishment.

Despite these signs, the city says that Wetland is “not an actual dog park. It is only an open space where people bring their dogs, ”said city spokesperson Sebastian Gauthier.

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“The city plans to run a true dog.”

Complaints of local residents of the city getting away from dogs are the main reason for the implementation of the fan-in area, the city said.

“This will bring peace of mind for other residents who do not have dogs and who use the green space for other activities, as they will no longer need to be scared without dogs.”

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“We don’t have a problem,” Bienvenu said. “We have seen people come here without dogs. We welcome them, we just want to let them know that it is off-leash. “

Local dog owners say they will have no trouble seeing that the completely green space is enclosed so that the animals can escape.

“If you fence in one place, the dog’s character changes. They need room to move. If they put up the whole fence, that’s fine – there will be a dogs’ room, “Bienvenu said.

The city says it is working with the selected contractor and plans to go through the original layout.

An official date has not yet been set for the start of the project.

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