Wild’s call: Montreal Canadiens once again come from behind, beating the Maple Leafs 3-2

The Montreal Canadiens are in the final push of the regular season with only six games remaining on Monday night. The Toronto Maple Leafs, division squads, and potential first-round matchups for Montreal faced the team on Monday, so the Canadians wanted a solid outing.

They really did.

It was another comeback by the Canadians as Philippe Danault scored in the final minute and Cole Cofield took overtime in a 3–2 win.

Wild horses

Young Guns did not score on that late first-period power play, but whether it was fantastic to see a bright future while still working together.

Jesperi Kotakanemi, Alexander Romanov and Cole Cofield were easy to make. Cofield hit the cross bar on the previous power play with a laser beam. Nick Suzuki was also on ice at the man advantage. what a view! They are basically the same age around 20 or 21. They are having all their good years in front of them, and they are already making a difference in the show. The last time the Canadiens made this promise in their line-up was early in the careers of Max Paciotty, Kerry Price and PK Subban, but even they were over 20 years old.

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These kids are way ahead of normal progress, which NHL players usually see in the 20s. Romanov is a blue liner and usually takes time. He is already playing ice games for over 20 minutes, and is also getting power play time. Suzuki is only in its second season and has the best canadiens for the last two weeks. Kotkaniemi is already in his third season, and while a few nights are up, he keeps pushing his roof upward.

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And in the finals of four, we don’t even know how good he can be, but as of now, Cofill looks dynamic. He scored his first goal in overtime on Saturday night. Again, in overtime, he once did this against the Maple Leafs with one of his perfect pinpoint shots, as he loves the extra ice of 3-on-3. Beyond two goals, he is showing fans a lot more than just an elite shot. He is a strong prophet. He has paid attention to most people. He handles himself size-wise, winning puck battles better than anyone expected. And that is not the slightest obligation on defense.

This club is not old by any means. There are some players who are at the bottom of their careers, but the majority of this team is moving upwards. The future is bright, and for a power play in the first period, the future was not just bright, it was very young.

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There is another wave of Canadians who are also young and have so much hockey in front of them. Josh Anderson has been the best in goals this season. He is 26 years old. Tyler Tofoli again scored 28 runs. He is 29 years old. Brendan Gallagher is 28 years old and has shown no signs of slowing down. Jake Evans once again had a great game on Monday. He has been a high energy player showing that he is still improving. He is 24 years old. Philippe Danault is not guaranteed to return to the club next year, but he is 28 years old.

It was Denault who allowed the play in overtime with the goal of tying the game.

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Call of the Wild!

Call of the Wild!

There is so much hitch between the fan bases that the window is closing and Carrie Price and Shea Weber’s best years are wasted, and when they inevitably age, it’s all over. It is not at all. This is just the beginning for this group.

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He had a problem lasting for two decades, for which he eventually found a solution in Suzuki and Kotakamani. Their issue right now is that they are loaded with stuck house security personnel, and this problem will soon be resolved with a pipeline that is packed with young puck movers. The future line-up does not have the issues of the line-up of the last 20 years at the center, nor the issues of this year’s line-up at the Blue Line.

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Being completely clear, remains an issue. This team is still without a game-breaker. Can it be Kafield? Is it possible that he could be so good? He is sure to have a magical touch in overtime by now.

There are three ways to get players: draft, trade and unrestricted free agency. He will not get a game breaker in the draft. This is highly unlikely, as they will no longer be drafting the top five. They won’t get a game breaker through trade, because the general manager just isn’t that dumb. Alternatively speaking, the game-breaker comes when some leave the $ 20 million cap, and some serious bidding could provide a player who can top this team.

She is blue print. Can they get there No one has that crystal ball. But the chances of being there now are higher than they are in age. So let’s sit back now and enjoy the future of a team that ultimately already has some assets and many more.

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Wild goats

The Canadians are playing four games every seven nights and somehow playing 500 hockey, which no hockey player has ever asked for in the last 60 years. Certainly, there may be a period of one week where a player is asked to play four out of seven, but not five consecutive weeks.

There are three games in four nights in each order. This is a number that has always been known as the third game, in which it is difficult to have enough energy to compete well with everyone. Well, that sequence is every order. It’s ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter to these players.

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With this in mind, how can you do anything? They should have ended; Instead, they are back from a deficit to win three straight games. It is difficult to know from where they are getting the energy for this, but it does not matter. Just sit back and enjoy.

Wild card

Sean Farrell is one of the few Montreal Canadiens prospects still playing this season. Farrell continued his USHL playoff run, as the Chicago Steel had no trouble in their opening-round series to win the Dubu Fighting Saints 2–1 and 6–1. Farrell had two goals and one goal in two games.

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This is not really a big total for Farrell, who in his second season in the USHL set a scoring record for Chicago with 101 points in 53 matches. Farrell should have played for Harvard in the ECAC, but the Ivy League canceled his season due to COVID-19. It was fortunate that Pharrell had an alternate venue to play.

Steele now led Muskegon Lumberjack to another best-of-three final in the East Conference finals. This is likely to be a difficult series as the two teams are evenly matched. They met 10 times this season and each team won five games. The winner takes on the eventual winner of the West Conference between Fargo Force and Sioux City Musketeers.

Brian Wilde, a Montreal sportswriter, brings you Wild’s call to Granthshala.ca after every Canadiens game.

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